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To the first post in my community about "basic accounting principles" I received a comment in which I was asked: "did I have a business?"

🙄 I really want to answer! Yes there was. With hired employees with decent annual turnover, but ...

For a long time I was engaged in accounting / tax accounting and in parallel with this optimization of taxation, or as it is more correct to say now tax planning.

She began working as an accountant in Sberbank, then in commercial structures and as an entrepreneur she provided outsourcing services on this topic. Business areas - agriculture (growing, part-time, sale); Logistics (cargo transportation); legal and financial services, retail sale of industrial goods, furniture production, mining of non-metallic mineral resources, banking services (RKO, lending, deposits, securities, etc.), construction (landscaping, construction of residential and non-residential buildings and structures), manufacturing, concrete delivery and other activities ...

But at one point, I just "burned out", tired and decided not to do accounting anymore. This decision was hard! For more than three years I have been moving away from this accounting, switching to consultations, denying services to clients, doing valuation and economic examinations.

For some time, I even abandoned everything - I didn’t work, I hid in the “hole”.

But as you know, you always want to eat! And I really like to engage in financial analysis, planning and modeling, which has become my main activity. I had experience, I also studied at the ATM in St. Petersburg "Financial Planning" (Organizing structure of the business); online courses "Boring Finance" - refreshed knowledge.

And now she’s ready to help small business owners get rid of OSes without loss of profitability, so to speak, structure, optimize and digitize their business. Because if you can count, then you can control!

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