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The success of a startup or an already operating small company largely depends on timely ideas. In practice, there are very few examples when, at the stage of launching an enterprise or the owner of a small project, there is enough own funds for development. The most common option when looking for an investor who is ready to invest in a company. Many businessmen compare investors with the “second half” - a meeting can occur in the most unpredictable circumstances. B2Bingo.com is a social network created specifically for business. There is a section on the basis of the site, the task of which is to maximize the chances of entrepreneurs to find financial support on favorable terms.

Search for investors in the environment

Individual entrepreneurs and small business owners often underestimate the capabilities of their environment, considering it unable to provide financial support. They seek help from banks through lending, driving themselves into debt. A social network for business allows you to get many new friends, among whom there are surely people who are ready to invest in the project.

Search among customers

B2Bingo.com helps to find customers and contractors, intermediaries. Among the existing contacts there are people and companies loyal to your business. Even if there is no direct connection, it’s much faster to disseminate information about finding a business partner over the network. It is important to correctly submit information, if you use business chats, make sure that you do not break their rules. No aggressive spam! Introduce yourself: Name, how old you are, city.

• Complete the information with your statuses, awards, achievements, regalia.
• Tell us what you are looking for an investor, describe the essence of the project, its profitability, monthly income, return on investment, the necessary amount of investment.
• Bonuses for the investor - popularity, share in the business, real estate ownership.
• For discussion, invite to the PM, offer a presentation for review.

Customers already know your capabilities, quality level and reputation. Even if there is no direct investor among them, you can be given positive recommendations.

Investment clubs

To get to know investors directly, you need to arrange a performance at your city's investment club. Using the B2Bingo.com platform, you will simultaneously receive an audience of potential investors of an international scale. The chances of finding real financial support increase significantly.

B2Bingo.com: how to find an investor for a large project

The large scale of the business often means that the owners respond promptly to the requests of the audience and quickly, before competitors, adapt to the conditions in the region. Such rates mean that there is simply no time to save up the financial basis for development, and a large loan, even under very favorable conditions, becomes unprofitable.

Communities and Blogs

Despite the apparent simplicity and frivolity, modern business is now actively using these areas. Through the stories presented in the form of blog posts, you can talk about ideas, your company, features of work and how to deal with problems. The audience is imbued with trust in such authors, is involved emotionally. The Dodo Pizza example showed how effective a blog can be for finding investors. In our social network you can tell in detail about the growth and development of your project.


Visiting business events, parties gathering large audiences interested in promoting and developing the business. The larger the meeting, the more resources will be attracted, including the media, investors, intermediaries, ready to advance the interests of their proxies.

Advertising companies

It is not difficult for a large company to connect specialists and create a separate advertising site, especially for the development of a specific direction. On the other hand, using ready-made traffic and the formed business audience of the B2Bingo.com social network will allow you to save the budget and put it into new development.

Benefits of promoting a business and finding investors through a B2B network

In practice, the larger the required amount, the greater the number of restrictions on the path of capital search. Even if your business is growing steadily, a large margin, you have a professional business team and experience in successful management in times of crisis.

• Banks need liquid collateral.
• Negotiations with investment funds can last indefinitely.
• Professional investors can cancel the transaction at the last moment.
• Not every investment broker is really ready to “promote” your business.
• When you see ads, motley scammers are activated.

 Using the B2Bingo.com platform, you work simultaneously with a large audience - both from the Russian Federation and foreign representatives. Through personal communication, groups and forums, information is exchanged at an intense pace. Really interested people turn to you. You yourself promote a business, sell a project and bargain on the terms. A social business network will allow you to quickly look up suspicious companies and fake intermediaries. 

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