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Personnel search is a key business task, which is exacerbated at the start-up stage and during the expansion period. High-quality recruiting means not only closing the need for personnel, but also a low percentage of turnover. Selection, hiring, adaptation and training are costly budget items on which the performance of the company depends. Placing vacancies on B2Bingo allows not only expanding the possibilities of searching for candidates, but also creates conditions for mutual cooperation between companies to attract specialists on outsourcing conditions.

Why is an ad in the social network for business preferable

The main task of the hired personnel is to support production processes, to carry out the necessary functions efficiently, and to make management decisions. Whether the specialist will be full-time or invited under a service agreement is a secondary issue. By placing a vacancy on the job search portals, a recruiter deals only with performers. The B2B format platform also allows you to voice the need:

• individual entrepreneurs specializing in the service;
• companies providing outsourcing;
• contracting organizations.

The hired specialist is interested in wages, focuses on the amount of salary. The contractor benefits from high-quality and long-term cooperation, where each order is discussed as a separate project.

It is profitable to solve problems in business-to-business format

Hiring an employee in the state implies additional work for accounting: taxation, insurance, deductions and reporting to the pension fund. If the need for a specialist is closed not by direct employment, but in another way, then the company solves 2 problems:

• gets the necessary result;
• relieves itself of responsibility and simplifies the workflow in relation to specialists.

It is especially beneficial to look for personnel in the B2Bingo social network when it comes to narrow specialists, top managers, coaches, experts. These people work on the principle of participation in projects and will not post resumes on standard job search sites.

Closure of workers

Dispatch of announcements on sites with vacancies leads to an increase in the amount of unproductive work of a recruiter. The flow of substandard resumes and job seekers forces us to engage in mass screenings. Communicating with representatives of a single sector makes it possible to obtain information about completed or suspended projects, where a temporary downtime is created for the employees you need.

For employees: the advantage of job opportunities at B2Bingo

If you are a specialist working under an employment contract, it's time to visit the social network for B2Bingo business. Yes, you are not an entrepreneur, but here are the vacancies of direct employers. There are no intermediary agencies, strange offices, unscrupulous companies are quickly blacklisted. You can see all the offers in the sector of interest.

Work without territorial restrictions

Traditionally, portals give out a list of vacancies in the territory of your region of residence. Searching for classified travel announcements can be connected with risks - there are a lot of unscrupulous employers and outright scammers who simply drop out applicants upon arrival at the place, having lured money under various pretexts. Jobs posted on B2Bingo are presented by the direct employer, with whom you can chat and find information about the company's reliability:

• work in Russia;
• vacancies in the CIS countries;
• offers from foreign companies and international concerns.

The applicant can respond to the vacancy by sending the resume directly to the recruiter, who is selecting candidates. This saves time and allows you to immediately clarify all points of interest.

The choice of companies in the area of interest

The hired specialist selects vacancies according to 2 criteria: specific organization or line of business. B2Bingo allows you to explore areas of interest and appeal to HR specialists of specific employers. Unlike the personnel portal, a social network allows you to:

• track interactions between business sector representatives;
• assess the potential of the desired employer;
• see the level of reputation in the sector.

These criteria are important in long-term career planning. How old is the company on the market, what is the dynamics of development and turnover. If a specialist is looking for a place for stable earnings and opportunities for professional development in favorable conditions, he will carefully study the target employer.

Work abroad

Our social network works internationally. This means that foreign companies also place vacancies here for those wishing to change not only work, but also their place of residence. For those who are not narrow specialists who are recruited by individual invitation, this is an opportunity to talk with a company representative, offer a resume and go through an online interview.

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