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To start your own business, ideas alone are not enough. To attract capital, you need to show the justification of the required costs, payback period, profit prospects. Investors are not inclined to adventures, they need a quality business plan that will explain the launch process, the organization of work at the initial stages, what resources will be required and in what volumes.

Conditions for a successful startup

In order for the company not only to recoup the invested costs, but also to bring profit in the future, it must satisfy the urgent needs of its audience. Moreover, to do it in a way different from competitors in order to distinguish favorably in the market. A startup must meet the criteria:

• originality and relevance - it does not matter what you sell or produce, it should be interesting and help the consumer in solving his needs;
• have established supply systems for raw materials and sales - the enterprise should not be idle, and the products should be in stock;
• if a start-up involves the provision of services, it is necessary to make them “reusable" - if the client contact only once without the possibility of repetition, the consumer resource of the enterprise will quickly be exhausted.

Any investor is interested in making a profit. Cash injection schemes can be different, but there must be a component that will ensure an increase in turnover or regular consumer demand.

Cash Infusion Terms

Collaboration may consist in transferring shares in the business to one or more investors. Of course, it is important for the owner that the control of the enterprise remains with him - otherwise the business may become the property of the investor. Financing may be accompanied by the conclusion of contracts for the provision of services or production of goods on conditions that are privileged for the investor. At the startup stage, such guaranteed orders can help in the formation of a business, the regulation of business processes.

Benefits of b2bingo Network

A social network created specifically for business allows you to post ads on investor search and talk about your startup. The international format will allow you to find support outside your region and even go beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. Here you can also communicate with a potential investor, find information about similar projects or find out the fate of companies to which your potential investor has already provided financial resources. Are you really a long-awaited business partner, and not a "shark"? Communicate and promote your ideas in the business community.

B2bingo helps investors find profitable investment projects

If you have money, it’s not necessary to come up with ideas and organize startups yourself. You can find an interesting and promising project that needs an infusion of funds and enter the share on the rights of partners. Investment companies must carefully consider the prospects for a startup to make a profit. Will the idea really work, find an audience, and cause a response from customers and buyers? Or is the proposed project a utopia, of which the prevailing majority on the startup market? Everything is relative.

Social network for investor search

B2bingo is a platform where startup owners can post information about their projects and the desired terms of cooperation. For an investor, this is a convenient format that allows you to compare dozens of projects with each other and choose an option worthy of investment. Here is the opportunity:

• Communicate with owners.
• Collect information about the company or entrepreneur, check business reputation.
• Assess the project, make inquiries on peers in the regions.
• Find out if entrepreneurs have other successful projects or is he new to startups.

Statistics show a disappointing picture - most startups are drowning in the first year. This is a risk for both the owner and the investor. The advantage of our social network is consolidation. We bring together business representatives, allow us to collect maximum information and differentiate data. This approach allows you to quickly establish business relationships and analyze incoming information.

For small and large investment companies

The main condition for welfare is that money should work. Regardless of the size of the company, an active search is underway for promising projects that can bring profit in the near future. If large investors can afford to invest in a long-term project, since they have a large number of sources of income, then for small companies, timing is of paramount importance. The faster the money comes back, the more opportunities for further growth and development.

For small and medium-sized investors, B2bingo is a great way to find unique startups.

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