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Deciding to sell part of a business or company as a whole is not easy. If a business was bought for resale, you need to pay off the costs of organizing transactions and each bring maximum benefits. When a founder who raised a business from scratch, or an owner who has settled in a remote region, decides to sell shares or a company, it is important to find a buyer who will not lower the price, but will give an adequate price for the purchase.

B2bingo.com Network Advantage for Business Sales

Here is an online community of international scale, which makes it possible to communicate with potential business partners, investors and buyers, to whom your area of activity may seem to be an interesting investment. Buyers within the region can bring down prices, manipulate the situation on the domestic market, and use connections. If your business decides to purchase a company or a person from the side, agreeing on the desired cost is much easier.

Use the bulletin board in the section "Selling a business":

• indicate the scope of the company;
• region;
• ready to sell 100% or a share;
• are interested in a fixed price or are willing to bargain.

Our format allows us to find solutions for large companies and small businesses, including online projects.

The platform’s search engine allows you to configure filters so that you can see the options you are interested in in Russia and abroad. Potential buyers can search for a business for acquisitions with different motivations. It is important to formulate to whom and how your company can be interesting and profitable.

Properly negotiate in real life

To sell a business as profitable as possible for yourself, it is important to understand its true value and the prospects that it will bring to the future owner. If this is the first time you have planned such a deal, don’t be stingy; get the support of a professional appraiser, lawyer and financier. Put your documents in order, everything should work and look attractive:

• take care of the extension of important contracts;
• adjust process control;
• Order an audit if necessary.

Even minimal pre-sale preparation can significantly increase the value of a business. The platform has all the tools for negotiating, discussing conditions with several candidates for the acquisition. To get maximum profit, it is important to collect complete information about the buyer, to understand his interest.

B2bingo.com - How to Find Your Buyer for a Business

B2bingo.com network for entrepreneurs, large companies and investors allows you to find partners, buyers, investors in the vastness of Russia and abroad. It is important for the owner to think about selling the company in a timely manner in order to get the maximum profit. Weighed and planned with the business, not everyone is ready to part, there are owners who doubt the correctness of the decision or are not ready to let go of the “reins of government”. Our platform will help you find a buyer for the whole company or its share. At the same time, in the social network you can collect the most complete information about the potential buyer and his methods of work.

Describe in detail the specifics, region of influence, prospects

Potential buyers may have different motives for making a purchase. Sometimes it’s just a present to a wealthy spouse for a hobby - then the main criterion will be the banal and not always rational “like / dislike”. Serious buyers value the assets they acquire with the business:

• expansion opportunities in the region;
• reputation, contracts, sphere of influence;
• equipment and production sites;
• specialists and technology.

It is important for the owner to evaluate the real merits of his proposal and systematically look for his target audience. If the potential buyer is not yours, but is ready to make an offer, then most likely he will offer a lower price.

It is especially important to correctly evaluate a potential investor in a situation of selling a stake in a business. In this case, it will be necessary to contact on an ongoing basis and it is important that the new partner have similar views and goals.

Benefits of posting business selling information on B2bingo.com

The platform is focused on the practical tasks of business owners of various sizes - from large companies to small online stores and workshops. You can compare similar offers, see your strengths and weaknesses. Within a community of like-minded people, you can quickly find and disseminate information, get advice and business offers. We offer to work not only within the region or country, but to reach the world level, which greatly expands the possibilities.

The social network for business has all the tools for promotion and advertising. The target audience will find out about your products, needs and offers - this is more profitable than looking for a buyer yourself.

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