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The world has changed. Nowadays, a contemporary does not even have to leave home to study, work, run a business, or solve many everyday problems. It’s not even necessary to communicate with people directly in order to feel like a full member of society and not to suffer from loneliness. Most of these tasks are solved by social networks. Search for old new acquaintances, like-minded people, fellow hobbies, employers and employees, entertainment, training materials, necessary things - these issues can be solved by the social network in a few minutes.

Users of social networks are both children and adults, and the elderly. Everyone comes to the social network with a specific request and receives an adequate response, judging by the growth rate of this industry segment. Humanity has not yet invented anything better, so the social network as a phenomenon will remain with us for many years, transforming only for the convenience of the user.

The benefit and convenience of social networks as a tool for doing business is primarily appreciated by the business itself. Social networks completely turned the view and the established principles of successful business. The business quickly appreciated the benefits that the social network provides and, ideally, each large business seeks to create its own social network, tailored to the needs of its target audience.

Consider the benefits:

  1. The presence of a business on social networks affects search results. Content costs money. The delivery of content in the search costs returns by attracting interest to the product and expanding the audience. Now search engines index not only the content of the site, but also fragmented actions with it - reposts, "share", comments, reviews, questionnaires, etc. This increases consumer confidence and affects relevancy.
  2. Social networks allow you to control and shape the image of the company. A company without a reputation is not a business. The reputation of the active presence of the brand on the Internet, interactive communication and the benefits of the proposed content. For example, trust in a brand that not only sells its product, but also leads to the “Consumer Rights Protection” heading is significantly greater than that of a silent store focused only on sales. Gifts, promotions, discount information, congratulations and other displays of attention increase brand online activity, delight customers and, in general, work for business success. The modern man wants to know not only what he buys, but also from whom he buys.
  3. Social networks allow you to make a purchase decision faster. Custom content created and distributed by the users of the social network works for sales much better than aggressive, intrusive and faceless advertising. People tend to trust not the seller, but the same buyers as they are. Now it’s even strange to make a purchase decision without reading the reviews of other consumers. Social networks are the best way to get the right user content and redirect it to the next group of interested buyers.
  4. Strengthening industry influence. Social networks not only allow you to sell your goods and services, but also get the connections you need to do business. Search for journalists, marketers, PR managers, partners, sponsors, etc. the easiest way to lead in social networks. By the way, this also works in the opposite direction - if the representative of the business is easy to find on the network, then the chances of becoming an “expert” in his segment in the media space of such a brand grow significantly. Journalists, I must admit, do not care whom to bring to the "experts." Therefore, those who are open and ready for dialogue are being deduced. Frequent flickering in the media creates the reputation of an “expert” very quickly.
  5. An opportunity to interest the target audience of a competitor. Business is business, the struggle for the consumer is an integral part of the process. Without exception, consumers today are present on social networks. Other things being equal, in the war for the consumer on this site, the winner is the one who interacts more with the audience, studies their preferences, closes their requests, provides additional services or information. In addition, the presence in the social network, based on the study of audience requests, will allow you to see and expand the horizons of an existing business.
  6. Increase in total coverage. In solving this problem, social networks have no equal tools. Each consumer has his own audience - friends, readers, fans, subscribers. Information in which the alpha of this group has shown interest instantly becomes the property of everyone else. And one of them will make a choice in favor of your content. Accordingly, once again starting up “circles on the water” already in its own group of environment. Search engines will notice this, which will only affect the business in the most positive way.
  7. Even a non-target audience can become a target. Man is a living and volatile creature. If the brand’s products are not of interest to the student, then she will definitely be interested in the young parent. And yesterday’s schoolchild is a future young parent. Or a driver. Or a specialist. Or a musician, hunter, woodcarver. Or changes in life make a person change their preferences - illness, disability, retirement, change of religion, etc. .. Each user of a social network is needed and valuable, if not now, then later. It is necessary not only to calculate your target audience, but also to grow it, focusing on the fact that a person is changing. Changing the interests of Central Asia is also driving the brand towards changes, the search for new opportunities, and the expansion of the product line.
 Social network is a powerful promotion tool. On giant sites, every year it is becoming more crowded, so many make the choice in favor of creating their own social networks. The consumer likes the idea, judging by the fact that not a single social network has yet to go bankrupt, and every year the rating of networks is growing with new names. 

How to create your own social network?

Creating a social network is a good idea, but it's not a simple matter. If it is assumed (and this should be assumed) a high load, a lot of traffic, then the most important thing is to choose an engine, platform. On which the project will be implemented. For example, such solutions are offered by the Internet company Qwerty Networks , since 2001 engaged in the development of high-tech projects - social networks, payment systems, international portals, highly loaded sites, systems based on artificial intelligence, etc.

The cost of creating and implementing a turnkey social network is low - from 20 to 80 thousand euros. There is the option of joint launch and ownership of the project - in this case, the cost becomes almost symbolic. In addition, with this implementation, the company provides the investor with a free server infrastructure and technical support for the project.

Qwerty Networks creates intelligent networks, among the main functions of which:

- internal billing system;

- a system for protecting accounts from brute force;

- aggressive data caching;

- internal mail server for sending messages;

- module for interaction with SMS gates;

- internal search engine;

- own messenger;

- antivirus verification of content;

- shortened links from Qwerty Networks;

- Support for 40 languages and correction tools for translators;

- and many many others...

A social network should be not only convenient, but also reliable. Even if a well-designed network is built on the wrong engine, “lies” under high traffic, users will leave this site, choosing in favor of one that does not annoy them.

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