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In the ranking of the popularity of ideas for business, the creation of social networks occupies one of the top positions. The inspiring examples of Zuckerberg and Durov led many to look at such a seemingly useless hobby of people on social networks as a highly profitable business. For the owner of the network, of course. Only advertising traffic, not to mention other monetization mechanisms, provides network owners with super profit. Therefore, even if there are such giants as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VKontakte on the market, many do not give up hope to give users something else that the monsters have not guessed yet.

 How to create your own social network, what difficulties await in the process, what tools are better to choose - we will try to tell. 

Ways to create social networks

The first method: self-development. This path is suitable for the very advanced in the craft of individual programming, but also very wealthy. A social network is expensive, both at the development stage and at the stage of its launch and promotion. Any highly loaded scalable project will require the hard work of competent developers for many months, if not years. You will have to go on the beaten track, but making your own mistakes and mistakes, because the biggest mistake is to think that you will never make a mistake.

You can’t create a social network from scratch for six months and for free, as promised by the guru-sellers of various training courses on the Internet. This business requires complete dedication and a lot of money.

The second method: a turnkey solution based on public engines. Popular CMS - Content Management Software, content management software - a lot. This and Joomla, Wordpress, Livestreet - it makes no sense to list everything. It would seem that everything is simple - you take a ready-made solution and turn on it what you like. To create a small site or blog, such engines, of course, are suitable. But in the creation of highly loaded networks, this path will lead to a dead end.

A normal functional, secure social network project can only be created taking into account important points. In particular, ensuring user safety, horizontal scalability, duplicate protection against backdoors (secret intentional defects of the algorithm), and most importantly, the ability not to crash under multimillion-dollar traffic. Package offers based on public engines do not solve these problems. The maximum that they can help with is to create something similar to a social network (moreover, more outwardly, rather than functional), but the keyword here is similar. Public engines:

  • do not have horizontal scaling capabilities;
  • have known weaknesses, which greatly facilitates the work of cyber villains;
  • contain a significant amount of excess code to support functions not in demand by users;
  • Well, on the contrary, they do not contain the necessary and inherent to the well-known social networks internal technical capabilities.

The third way: the use of professional software and hardware solutions. This question should, of course, be addressed to professionals. If thoughts about your own project are not immediate and not a whim.

An example of such a solution is the Qwerty Networks Qwerty Social Network Engine (QSNE) SaaS platform. This is one of the few (and perhaps the only company in the Russian-language software market) that provides industrial solutions for launching social networks in a “turnkey” mode - from ideas and drafts to the realization of any ideas.

QSNE developers offer non-boxed and non-public solutions, as well as server technologies that can hold colossal loads for creating international portals, social networks, and highly loaded sites. The company has its own know-how, testing practice, extensive experience, which allows us to reduce the creation of the product to the maximum possible minimum. To a large extent, this is facilitated by the diversification of resources, including the provision of our own infrastructure and server capacities at the initial stage of project development.

One of the options for cooperation is the joint launch and operation of a new social network with an interesting idea at the core. Joint implementation significantly reduces the cost of development, eliminates the cost of server capacity, and this reduces the cost of the project to an amount of 20-50 thousand euros. What (see paragraph 1) is several times less than independent work.

Incompetent people are unable to apply really effective ways to solve problems. If you want the job to be done well, turn to the professionals.

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