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For those who are just starting their journey in business, a ready-made business is one of the options. In this case, the reason for the sale by the owner of his business is of great importance. This is important to consider in order not to acquire unwanted problems with the business.

A very common reason for the sale is the economic problems of the owner. In this case, it is easier and more profitable for the owner to sell his business and try himself in another field of activity.

Of course, it is unlikely that a businessman admits that he is selling his business in connection with problems at the company. In any case, do not rush to choose an enterprise for purchase, you should weigh the pros and cons and try to find out as much as possible about the state of this company.

B2Bingo.com Internet platform offers you favorable conditions for sale and a large base of choice for acquiring a business.

At the moment, there are a large number of ads for the sale of a ready-made business. From local taxi companies to large enterprises.

In our article we will give you some examples of the most successful, in our opinion, proposals that exist in the business sales market:

1. Online store of children's goods. Payback 10 months. Project support after sale for two months. Cost - 990 000 rubles.
2. Sports bar. Payback 11 months. The cost of 2 200 000 rubles.
3. Children's development center. Payback 12 months. Location in a well-maintained area of Moscow. The cost of 950 000 rubles.
4. Beauty salon with a team of professionals. Payback 17 months. Successful operation for 10 years. The cost of 1 300 000 rubles.
5. A network of flower shops. Payback 17 months. The price includes 3 stores located in different areas of Moscow. The cost of 2,000,000 rubles

As you can see, the offers are quite diverse in terms of pricing and the extent of coverage of potential buyers.

Using the B2Bingo.com project to sell your business, you get:

• High-quality responses and suggestions of customers in a short time;
• A large number of views of your proposal;
• Sale as soon as possible (of course, if your offer corresponds to the realities of the market).

Nothing more - just business.

Ovo je automatski prijevod.
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