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Creating a business from scratch is a rather troublesome task, fraught with serious risks and fraught with financial losses. A person without real relevant business experience may run into problems and “burn out”. Therefore, having initial investments, it is much easier to buy a ready-made business. This is a ready-made and well-known brand, even if sometimes within the same region, but the business model is profitable and documented, partnerships are established.

Many people rightly believe that buying a ready-made business is a great investment. They forget that in the implementation of each case there are nuances and "pitfalls" that need to be discussed.

Incorrect assessment of the real value of the business.

The most common mistake that problems can start with. There is no universal formula or principle for calculating the value of a business. Nobody brought her out.

There are a lot of situations when a ready-made business is sold at a low or high price. Sometimes the owner sells "his brainchild", without seeing certain problems or prospects, this situation needs to be used. Therefore, the buyer needs to learn how to evaluate the real value for a profitable investment. Such knowledge can come only with experience.

There are unknown hidden costs.

Hiding costs for the seller is almost a commonplace in the current harsh realities. The human factor can also come into play - unaccounted for deliveries, expenses for small purchases (office), and so on. Not all can be reflected in the document flow of small business. A few forgotten points - the costs are already not declared "several tens of thousands", but significantly more. Consequently, the profit is less, the payback period is higher.

It is one thing when the seller conceals expenses unintentionally and quite another - if there are any problems and you can start a new business with problems.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to prepare for the meeting - study the site, rental costs, employee salaries, supply of goods, seasonal downturns and rises. There can be many hidden incomes — additional security costs, expensive commercial equipment, and so on.

The customer base is poorly protected.

In many industries, losing a customer base is a disaster. Studio for the production of sites, tourism, insurance and so on. There are a lot of cases when an employee stole a client base and then opened his own business. The loss of several key customers can lead to bankruptcy. Client database protection is a priority for almost any type of entrepreneurial activity.

Profit data must be verified.

Not all accounting documents can be trusted. Not everyone has honest and "transparent" accounting. In our country, there are many schemes to hide profits, because not everyone wants to pay taxes. There are often situations when there is simply no real financial reporting and even the highest quality audit ordered does not really reflect the picture.

Therefore, if the business owner is really interested in the deal, then he will definitely allow an experiment called "mystery shopper" (employee). In this case, the buyer can "infiltrate" the organization and observe the company from the inside. The seller speaks of a profit of several million rubles, and in the office there was not a single call from the client? In such cases, the profit hardly reflected in the documents was true.

Why does a person sell a business at all.

To take a word in the modern realities of doing business is a deliberately false path. Why does the owner sell his "brainchild" at all? This is definitely worth considering. Profits are falling, new tax laws. An example is the sale of a liquor store before the introduction of the anti-alcohol law. Sellers may not say the real reasons for selling a business. And on the papers they will be all right.

Buying a ready-made business is a competent investment, but before you start doing business with someone, you need to study the industry and all market offers.


Ovo je automatski prijevod.
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