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As a rule, most serious startups require investment. But start-up entrepreneurs usually do not have clear clarity on how to attract money to the business, where to look for investors, what needs to be done. And this is a completely normal situation.

This article discusses 7 proven ways to find money for a startup.

Before you go to the investor, it is important to understand why he should invest in the project. And there are only two decision criteria:

1. Money - first of all, the investor wants to return his funds back - this is an iron minimum. Do not go anywhere for money if you do not fully believe in the idea, product and scale of your business. In case of doubt that the business will be successful, it is absolutely forbidden to take external money - this is the way to big problems.

2. Guarantees - prove that the invested money will be multiplied. If you have absolutely no money at the start, then show the investor other resources - your energy, team. Tell us about your experience, knowledge and skills. A business plan should be as informative and simple as possible. Ideally, if you already have business results: numbers, statistics, orders, prepayments. It is important for the investor to create the feeling that he can be late for the departing train, that he is about to miss a huge profit. Hone your project presentation, make it spectacular so that you can sell the idea at the right time.

Remember that an investor in any person is a busy person or organization with a lot of incoming requests traffic to invest. There are a lot of people like you, but not enough time. Do not overload with unnecessary information. Briefly and meaningfully sell the idea that you are burning. After a good preparation for the dialogue with the investor, draw up a search strategy. For you, below are 7 working ways to attract investment. Know that there is a lot of big money around, and the main thing is to see:

1. Banks. You can take a loan or a line of credit for an individual and legal entity. As a rule, for this you need to have a good credit history, guarantors and collateral. Many banks today have special programs to support small and medium-sized businesses. If you are only at the idea level, then this method is with very high risks, since in case of failure, you guarantee yourself problems for 7-10 years. And it’s difficult to negotiate with banks today. Therefore, it is important to think well several times.

2. Friends and relatives. There may be close people with money around you. And they feel, as it is, the same pressure that money depreciates and does not work. Convince them that investing in a project is a smart move. If there are no such people in the environment, try to reach someone through them. And so on until you meet the investor. The exit chain is usually 2-3 people maximum.

3. State funds to support entrepreneurship. You certainly won’t get much money. However, a fairly simple and working way, especially if your business is really needed in the region where you plan to build a company.

4. Private foundations. In Russia, there are more than 10 large private organizations that invest in startups. For example, "Agate." In them you will receive at least valuable advice, and, possibly, investment in your business.

5. Your blog. An ideal place to prove your expertise and show the whole business from the inside. Use social networks - investors also spend time there. Keep and promote your blog, describe all the events in the business. Learn to sell ideas not only offline, but also online.

6. Business angels. People with lots of their own money. This is their main feature and difference from another type of investors - they work, as a rule, only by their own means. They are interested in large and innovative projects, so they invest heavily in promising startups. If you can’t find such people personally or through connections, then try to search through social networks, for example, Facebook - place ads in thematic groups. You can also use special platforms for finding investors, such as B2BINGO , where you can place an ad or use the service of attracting investors through effective digital tools. If you have difficulties with the search, then they will do the right mailing for your project for you on a proven base of business angels and other investors. It is the newsletter that is read - this is important. At such sites, as a rule, there are many potential investors. Seek, be in this environment.

7. Venture capital investments. If you think that your project is extremely promising and can increase investor money by several times, then this item is for you. Funding can be provided by both an organization and an individual. Venture capital investments have high risks and high potential returns. It is important to understand that the final goal of the investor is to earn on the difference in the cost of selling shares and the amount of invested funds, so the business should be ambitious, as it will be displayed on the stock market. Unlike business angels, they mainly manage the money of third parties, the mechanics of work are also slightly different in details. A competent business plan, presentation of the project and teams increase success in raising funds. But if you are not sure that you can have a high-quality meeting with an investor, then ask for help in the preparation, for example, B2BINGO professionally helps to make a presentation. It is necessary to correctly assess your capabilities, since meetings of any format with investors are key events in which it is important to sell your idea, whether it be a PDF presentation or an in-person meeting.

The main task is to be active, to act. Use different options. Remember the main thing that money for business development is, of course, great. But only the correct management of funds, well-chosen people, hard and high-quality teamwork can lead to the success of your organization.

Ovo je automatski prijevod.
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