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Earnings on films ~ 1000r per day

Hello dear friends, do not be alarmed by the name!
To earn thanks to this course, we will not need to create
some movie sites and spend a lot of money on promotion,
optimization, etc. To earn, we need only a desire,
several accounts in contact or 30-50 rubles to buy them
if you don’t want to shine your accounts and literally a couple of hours of time per day. Somewhere in 3-5 weeks this method will be for you
prize money on the machine!
How much can you earn on this? it already depends on your motivation and imagination) That's how much they earn
top webmasters: Screenshot
not ref DreamCash.tl - affiliate program for maximum monetization of online video
What will we actually earn on? on suckers: D
it may be a little immoral, but in the 21st century you need to be at least
a little educated) have we ever stumbled upon such
sites, you start to watch a movie Screenshot
And here the broads !!! AHTUNAG! Here is a message appears: Screenshot
You enter the number! they tell you everything is fine, send
to us in response to SMS please make sure that you are not a robot! On this, my communication with the site ends) I even laughed heartily when I was offered to earn in this way!)
Since it was my good friend, so as not to offend him, I registered, wrote several posts in groups, carried out some more frauds which I will teach you further and have already decided to leave the site, updated
statistics and horror! 150 rubles in the account .. in 10 minutes ..
At that moment, only one phrase was spinning in my head:
“A gullible person is not a mammoth, a gullible person will not die out” Well, in general, I experimented a bit more, finished up to 1000 and went to sleep.
Well, actually, what will we earn on
I repeat, special knowledge is not needed (of course, desirable) at the first stage 1 VKontakte or Odnoklassniki account is enough. If you are not interested, you can safely click on the cross in the upper right and quietly regret 2 minutes of time spent: D
Who cares now, I will tell the principle
work and share chips to do less and get
We are registered, go to the site, on the left we see
menu. Click on the "Payers" button: Screenshot
It takes us to this page: Screenshot
At the moment, the service offers us 4 sites to choose from,
each site has its own advantages, I personally prefer KinoPark, well, but you can already choose your own liking, look
payers choose your own and go to the second step 2. Choosing a movie, choose what you like!
the main thing
that would be something new!
And so we chose the film, we return to the site and there in the menu
select "Payment Scenarios": Screenshot
I recommend to leave everything as is, you can of course experiment
When did you select the movie near the site on which it
filled in, click on the button to get a link, this window with instructions pops up, everything seems to be clear, but just in case
show the example of the movie The Hobbit Screenshot
Here is the link to the movie, after this link to us
need to finish? s = 3020 & play And this will be a direct link to the film, in case of payment for which the money will be credited to you!
ATTENTION! You will have another ending where 3020 is the ID
your payment scenario! you will have it different!
Well, now we are fully prepared for action! and here
the main question arises! And where to get those same "suckers"?
They are full everywhere !: D But since this manual is designed
completely new to online earnings, then I will show the most
just a way to extract traffic (suckers) from the social network VKontakte
3. Start earning!
The easiest way to get traffic from thematic groups in contact is spam in the comments. Go to VKontakte,
click on the community search, write the name of our movie with you, I show the hobbit as an example Screenshot
We get a list of groups where people who are interested sit
this film, and since it was released a week ago, most of it has not yet been seen, we go into the first groups, their wall is most likely closed, so we write messages in the comments like: Screenshot only need links to be shortened !!! I’ll give referrals to the program!
you can start from zero and spam your
account, well, or not dig in and buy at least 50 rubles
accounts) HERE TODAY I SAID 20-30 MINUTES Screenshot

Ovo je automatski prijevod.
Kliknite ovdje da biste pročitali publikaciju na izvornom jeziku.

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