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Overview of the cryptocurrency financial platform and the MIDEX exchange

Great news for everyone involved in cryptocurrency, investing in new projects using Blockchain technology, and for everyone who simply trades on exchanges with altcoins.
The MIDEX project team announced the creation of the world's first international innovative financial platform, combining modern banking technologies, exchanges with blockchain technology.

It's no secret that in order to buy the right cryptocurrency for trading or for investing, you need to do some tiring financial transactions.
First you need to find a Bitcoin seller, and one that would accept your fiat money in a suitable form for it.
Some accept only Sberbank cards, others only digital currency from certain systems. With all this, we must also find a seller who does not pull three skins for the operation.
Even after you purchase a crypt, you will have to scatter it in different wallets, on different exchanges for trading or investing in the necessary coins or projects.
The same thing awaits you with reverse actions, then when you decide to withdraw crypto profits in cash.
As you can see, there are a lot of unnecessary operations, and of course a lot of money lost during transactions on commissions to various intermediaries. Mention should also be made of the issue of wild fraud, which thrives without a single regulatory law.

So we come to our great news: now all the problems for us will be solved by the MIDEX cryptocurrency Bank. A universal financial platform will be created, with an official, legalized one, with licenses for all types of financial services.

Goals and objectives of the MIDEX project

MIDEX is based on an independent team of specialists in financial matters, security, law, blockchain technology. The main goal of the project is the introduction of blockchain technology into the social social spheres that are familiar to everyone.
The goal is the formation of new principles of human relations with state and commercial structures based on anonymity, transparency and complete security.
The task is the creation of a common autonomous, independent from any external influences, center for storage and exchange, convenient and safe for solving any problems.
Scope - finance, law, education, healthcare.
Implementation - for a soft transition, the world's first open, cryptocurrency financial platform will be created.
MIDEX Financial Platform will begin to fulfill all the functions of a regular bank, but without offices and branches. This will allow us to use all financial services several times cheaper and, accordingly, will give good dividends for our investment in the project.

The project team has already created a prototype of an existing financial platform based on fully licensed blockchain technology and approved for transactions by Swiss bankers and lawyers.
The platform provides everyone with a unique and revolutionary solution based on blockchain technology, which will provide solutions related to the consolidation of cryptocurrency in the world. A decentralized network with Smart Contract functions has been created to prevent errors on the Midex platform.

The use of blockchain technology with developed systems will provide users with security and speed of data exchange or transactions. This is very important, since security in operations with capital is now in the first place among people.
Some banking functions necessary for daily use will be introduced. This is a digital currency exchange, Escrow services, ATMs, Midex credit cards, investment markets and debit cards, which will be combined in a convenient web interface within a single MIDEX platform.

All functions of the system will work autonomously, without intersecting with each other. An API data transfer function has been introduced, which will allow you to use mobile and web applications, online wallets, third-party exchanges and much more.

The use of Blockchain technology will provide users with fast and secure transactions, and will allow the use of fiat and cryptocurrency transactions in a single platform.
In addition, blockchain chains will reliably record all user transactions and can not be changed by anyone and never. The likelihood of fraud is virtually eliminated.

Blockchain technology is much safer today than conventional technology.
Unlike conventional technologies, blockchain technology does not require the participation and supervision of a third party, therefore it is safer and more economical. Blockchain technology eliminates any errors, so it is recognized as the best and most reliable in the world.

The MIDEX project team believes that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are its most important components, and are confident that they can create a platform that is safer and better than similar platforms.

Investment in the project, ICO token sale period

The project team invites everyone to participate in the creation and development of the financial ecosystem, to become an investor in the project through the purchase of shares, or rather cryptocurrency bank tokens. Tokens are called "MDX Token":

A total of 75 million tokens will be released for sale.
After the end of the sales period, all remaining tokens will be destroyed.
Depending on the size of the investment, you can get significant bonuses in the form of privileged cards.
For example, when buying 10,000 tokens, you get a gold investor card.
With gold status, you get priority support. Card service - only 3 tokens. The limit on withdrawing funds from MIDEX Bank is up to $ 10,000, plus a refund of 1% of the turnover of funds.

Road map

After conducting an ICO of token sales, the MIDEX project team will begin to create a fully digital bank that will perform all the functions of a regular bank.

Details of the project:

Official website: https://midex.com/
White-Paper: https://ico.midex.com/whitepaper.pdf

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