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A new business idea requires money for implementation. The author of the idea of money, most often, does not. But those who have money are ready to invest in a good idea. On favorable terms, of course. In world practice, for such purposes, a venture financing tool is used - the money of venture funds specifically designed to provide start-ups, in which investors believe the success and profitability.

Venture capital is always fraught with the risk of its complete loss, since a startup is an adventure, an innovation, it has no history of successful implementation, it has no analogues, and forecasts of its development are always speculative. It is never possible to calculate whether a new project will “shoot”, and if it “shoots”, then how long it will last on the market. Nevertheless, venture financing is evolving, and interesting new business ideas have hope for implementation. There will be money in one way or another, and the author of an idea only needs to solve the question of exactly where to implement his project. Compare the intricacies of venture capital funding for startups in the US and Russia.

Attractive venture capital investment

Our civilization is moving along the path of technological development. Maybe in another life we will choose a different path, but in this reality, technological singularity is our practically guaranteed future. Therefore, in every country in the world, for a profitable investment of their money, investors are far-sighted and practical in choosing the field of technology, in particular, innovation.

For example, investments in startups related to artificial intelligence in the US last year broke records. According to the National Association of Venture Capital of the USA (NVCA), the developers of artificial intelligence (1356 companies) in 2019 received about $ 20 billion. Although, in general, funding for the announced projects according to last year's data has decreased markedly - from a total of $ 140.2 billion last year to 136.5 billion in the past. But not in the technology sector.

Differences between venture investment in America and Russia

Startups appear where there is money. If they appear in other places, then the authors of the idea seek to move to where there is money. Many Russian talented startup organizers have either left or are thinking about it. The startup’s dream is Silicon Valley, the birthplace of technology and the focus of attention of investors around the world. But there are nuances that, upon closer examination, can keep the author in his homeland:

  • In the USA, not only private investors, but also the richest pension funds are involved in venture capital investments. This greatly increases the chances of an interesting project for implementation.
  • In Russia, investing in startups is the prerogative of corporations, private individuals, and public-private funds. We simply do not have large venture capital funds.

Volumes of financial injections into startups in the USA and Russia are not comparable.

Mental difference

Americans are a people created from initially risky people. America is founded by adventurers who are ready to risk everything to achieve the desired, even if a ghostly goal. In case of failure, no one will be upset, but rest and find the next inspiring goal. Hundreds of companies, including those based on borrowed money, appear and die in the USA every day. And this is not a tragedy for anyone.

From time immemorial, Russia has been living according to the principle of “measure seven times, cut one”. Which greatly inhibits decision making, especially in such an unpredictable area as investing in a startup. It is impossible to calculate the development of an innovative idea without a clear strategy for entering the market, in principle, if there is no example of a previous implementation. In addition, Russia lagged far behind the whole world in terms of venture business development - until the zero years there wasn’t even heard of such a way of investing. Russians do not like to take risks, guided by the wisdom of their ancestors “a bird in the hand is better than a crane in the sky” and “a shirt is closer to the body”, and they require return on investment from the very first day. This is cutting the buds of startups for implementation in our country.

Relative to Russia and the United States, the virtually guaranteed future of each startup, especially the technological one, is either bought by a large company or the startup will die in the foreseeable future. Grow from scratch and become an independently significant unit on a global scale, such as, for example, Facebook or Microsoft, almost no one has a chance. Large companies will do everything to either buy or absorb the business, or destroy it.

Russia-2019: results of the venture capital market

By the end of 2019, the market was in failure. For the whole year, 134 public transactions on financing startups took place in the Russian Federation for a total of just over 11 billion rubles, which is almost 2.5 times less than the year before last. Domestic startupers received about 1.8 billion rubles from foreign investors. For information - in 2018, this amount exceeded 12 billion.

Corporations and corporate funds poured 2.5 billion rubles per year into domestic startups (2018 results - 8.5 billion). Investments by private individuals and the number of transactions closed by accelerators were reduced: 45 transactions for 209 million rubles last year, 107 transactions for 466 million rubles the year before. The indicators of investment volumes increased by more than 2 times only from funds and companies with state participation - from 1.8 billion rubles in 2018 to 4.3 billion in the past.

USA 2019: next investment record broken

And in the US, venture capital investments exceed $ 100 billion for the second year in a row. In the three quarters of the past year alone, venture capital firms invested more than $ 96 billion in 7862 transactions, according to the National Venture Capital Association. For comparison, in 2018, the amount of investments exceeded $ 137 billion, which in itself was a record. The peculiarity of American investment: the size of investments is increasing, despite the decrease in the number of transactions.

Over the past year, 142 startups - a “unicorn”, with a total value of more than $ 1 billion, which is 16 “unicorns” less than in 2018, appeared in the world. However, the United States is also in the first lines of the rating: 78 companies received an estimate of the value above a billion dollars.

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