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The concept of “unicorn” in relation to startups was introduced in 2013 by Eileen Lee, the founder of Cowboy. The term stands for rarity. Unicorn is a startup launched after 2003, whose current value starts at $ 1 billion.

Maybe the concept of “unicorn” for such startups is already not very applicable - their number has increased many times since 2013, arriving about 4 units each year. But the term has taken root, and it makes no sense to refuse it for now. We represent 30 young unicorn companies from the USA that were born in 2019, each of which is valued at more than a billion dollars.

1. Dataminr platform - identification, assessment, classification of public information. The goal is the discovery of the most important information, the identification of fakes in order to maintain public safety and timely inform citizens about the main events.

2. The Houzz online platform , which unites everyone who loves or professionally deals with the improvement of residential premises and territories. The platform provides an opportunity, without leaving home, to get advice, hire specialists, order design, buy goods, etc.

3. Postmates - a provider of logistics services. The specifics of the company are quick deliveries. In cities, the issue of delivery and its timeliness and speed is acute. Postmates is engaged in the delivery of food, alcohol, operates on the basis of its own logistics platform.

4. Lime - intelligent mobile solutions in the field of using all types of transport. The company is engaged in the rental of electric scooters.

5. Tanium is a startup in the field of network security, as well as systems management in enterprises and institutions. The main objective of technology is to protect systems from cyberattacks.

6. Stripe - an online payment system, as well as technical and banking infrastructure for crowdfunding applications and various platforms. The system has worked well in the prevention of cyber fraud.

7. Zoox is a robotics manufacturing company. The task of a startup is to ensure autonomous urban mobility. The main developments are in the field of drones.

8. Snowflake - the first startup in the field of cloud storage. The company works by creating an elastic system that can expand as needed.

9. Peloton is a company that not only supplies equipment for fitness, but also directly organizes this type of leisure for people through software.

10. Affirm Company - provision of consumer loans at points of sale. Lending reduces the burden on the personal budget of the buyer and increases the sales of online sellers.

11. Argo AI - a developer of technologies for self-driving vehicles based on artificial intelligence. The company's mission is to improve road safety.

12. UiPath - a software developer for process automation. The work uses robots.

13. Compass is a real estate brokerage company. It unites sellers and buyers of real estate using the site and a mobile application.

14. Katerra operates in the construction industry. The technology platform brings together specialists in the field of production, design, construction and logistics.

15. Flexport - logistics, information and software for cargo transportation, customs broker and forwarder. The online platform allows companies located anywhere in the world to easily navigate purchasing and service management in solving supply chain problems with the help of logistics experts. The company employs more than 1000 employees.

16. Wish - a trading application that selects the user personalized products from the network from suppliers anywhere in the world.

17. Slack - a system that unites employees within one enterprise to optimize communication processes and unify systems. The goal is to increase the efficiency of people.

18. Pinterest - offers "boards", personal collections of visual bookmarks that are made up of users themselves. A good tool for teamwork.

19. Epic Games - the creation of video games and game engines. The technology can be used by third-party developers.

20. Grail is developing medical equipment for the early detection of cancer. In particular, screening tests, according to which the disease can be determined at the very beginning.

21. Intarcia Therapeutics is a developer of drug delivery platforms for patients with chronic diseases requiring regular and long-term treatment, as well as devices and pharmaceuticals.

22. Instacart - the supply of food and household goods. The company's services allow customers to mix in the order an assortment of goods from a very wide range of retail stores.

23. DoorDash is a product delivery service that accepts orders through a special application for mobile devices. The system allows suppliers to expand the circle of customers, and customers - to reduce the waiting time for delivery.

24. Palantir is a technology company engaged in the analysis of large volumes of data in both the private and public sectors. The developments have found application in matters of ensuring safety in cases of natural disasters, as well as transport safety.

25. Social Finance - asset management, lending, as well as training young people in the basics of personal financial literacy and long-term planning.

26. Magic Lea p - the creator of gadgets for augmented reality. Company development - a headset that generates realistic images of objects that are integrated into the user's environment.

27. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation - is engaged in transportation in space. Specialization - production and launch of reusable rockets and large spaceships.

28. Airbnb - a platform that allows travelers to choose places to travel even before the trip. The entire trip - from choosing a hotel to visiting a cafe - can be planned and also paid in advance.

29. The We Company provides coworking services - workspaces with the necessary infrastructure and related services.

30. Juul is the most expensive US startup in 2019, with a total funding of almost $ 14 billion. The company produces alternative smoking devices for smokers. For example, nicotine vaporizers with natural oils, extracts and flavorings.

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