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 A startup is not just a business idea, but an innovative project that uses the latest technology, innovative ways to use the well-known in order to get a profitable, profitable to participants and interesting to society and every consumer output. 

Startups in our world grow like mushrooms in the warm summer. Not every idea becomes a startup, that is, not all of them are evaluated by potential investors as a worthy portfolio for investing money. However, there are ideas, in fact - simple, and even primitive, able to collect millions and hundreds of millions of investments. Just because the finished product will definitely be in demand by the consumer, as it will obviously improve the quality of life.

Consider the most unusual startups launched in 20019.

Smart Camera Leap Snowboard

Russian development of graduates of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). The guys came up with a gadget for snowboarders: the camera is mounted on a snowboard, which makes it possible to watch lessons while being right on the track. The camera helps the athlete to perform tricks, as it is equipped with sensors that determine the position of the snowboarder at a certain point in real time. The Muscovites project was appreciated in the sports community, believing that the gadget will be useful to both novice athletes and masters.

Hiking jacket

Even an ordinary jacket can be improved so that it will be recognized as one of the best startups of the year. Jacket BauBax 2.0 - manufactured by BauBax LLC (Seattle) - an improved version of the already famous BauBax model, but with a different design and additional features. The jacket is equipped with an inflatable pillow for the neck, a blanket, built-in gloves and an eye mask, comfortable pockets for gadgets, a zipper with a handle attached to it, which travelers who are forced to fill out many customs documents will appreciate.

Molecular coffee

This start-up was appreciated by gourmets, lovers of everything unusual, as well as caring for the cleanliness of products. Atomo Coffee is the invention of biologist and food safety expert Jarrett Stopfort (USA), who synthesized more than four dozen molecular compounds found in coffee oils. The project raised more than 20 thousand dollars, the product is already on sale, in the urban environment of picky tasters is considered tasty and fashionable. The molecular production of coffee reduces the burden on nature, the environment, does not require the use of pesticides, significantly reduces the cost of the finished product.

Walterman Wallet

Armenian development. A smart wallet that can catch its own thief. At the time of the attempted theft, the wallet takes a picture of the person’s face and instantly sends a frame to the smartphone of the wallet owner. The “thief mode” is turned on in the gadget when the wireless connection with the smart wallet is lost, so any attempt to open the stolen wallet will immediately reveal the criminal. The wallet will give a "cry for help" if the owner forgets it somewhere or drops it - it is equipped with a GPS locator. In addition, Volterman can distribute Wi-Fi, and can also serve as a battery for recharging other devices.

Chef Pizza

California developers decided to ease the hard work of pizza workers and offered them an assistant robot ZumePizza. The robot does the most tedious routine work, which the master takes the lion's share of time and effort - cuts, cuts, greases the dough with sauce, puts pizza in the oven, etc. Pizza preparation time is reduced, and the waiting time for an order by a hungry buyer is reduced, and pizza owners save a lot on staff salaries. The project attracted nearly $ 50 million investment.

Seaweed Straws

Joy for staunch environmentalists - New York-based Loliware has come up with biodegradable cocktail straws. Disposable, edible and tasty straws. The raw materials for them are natural and quickly recovering in the natural environment. The product will not harm nature, even if it is not eaten, but simply thrown away - they decompose like ordinary algae. The straws are already on sale, and are in great demand among the conscious part of the world's population.

A reusable bottle will save the oceans

Ocean Bottle - a refillable bottle that replaces about 100 ordinary plastic containers for liquids. It is known that the ocean is suffering on a large scale from the plastic thrown into it, so this idea of the Norwegian developers is a contribution to saving planetary ecology. 22 million kilograms of plastic fall into the ocean every day. The developers wanted to raise 10 thousand dollars for production, and they collected almost 300 thousand. With the income from each bottle, part of the money goes to collect 11 kg of plastic in the ocean.

Backpack for cyclists

Startup company Uncommon Goods (USA) will definitely improve the lives of cyclists and other road users. The Turn Signal Commuter Backpack is equipped with LEDs to alert riders behind the cyclist about their maneuver’s next maneuver. The sensor is triggered in case of sudden braking, even if the cyclist did not have time to press the special emergency braking button.

Eternal tights

The dream of the beautiful half of humanity in 2019 was fulfilled by Sheerly Genius (USA). Tights, as every woman knows, are an unreliable and short-lived thing, regardless of its value. The only clue is able to spoil the entire part of the wardrobe, and then the place is only in the trash. The developers took into account the wishes of the ladies, and offered super strong fiber-based tights that are used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests. Even steel is inferior in strength to this material. The startup quickly gained investment, because women around the world spend $ 8 billion a day on tights. And they will not spend less.

Just a tent

The most common Mantis camping tent without heavy equipment. The hammock tent is intended only for protection from rain and wind, as well as for recreation, but has attracted great interest among future buyers and, accordingly, investors. It turned out that this need was not closed - not everyone travels to nature with cargo, so the need for a light portable shelter was obvious. Kammok from Austin (USA) has closed this need. A hammock tent weighs just over a kilogram. The startup at the initial stage raised almost 200 thousand dollars, the proceeds continue.

 Any startup with an idea that allows everyone to improve their lives is simply doomed to success. There will be orders, and investments, and profits. The main thing is to understand what a person needs in terms of benefit and joy, and give him that. 

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