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❓ Who remembers where capitalism originated, when and how?


This happened in Western Europe - in the UK and the fear of the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). And it happened in the 16-17th centuries.

⭕ There is still debate why it originated there, and not, say, in China or India, which were then comparable with Western Europe in terms of development.

☝️ There are different explanations

✅ from the contempt experienced by the Chinese elite to practical activities (such as trade and industry),

✅ to the map of UK coal deposits,

✅ and the discovery of America of course.

Before capitalism, the economy of Western Europe changed very slowly. People were organized around agriculture, which for many centuries used almost the same technology with a limited degree of commerce and craft production.

❗In the Middle Ages (10-15 centuries), per capita income increased by 0.12 percent per year.

That is, revenues in 1500 were only 82% higher than in 1000.

❗That you understand, this is the amount that China, with its 11 percent growth per year, reached in six years between 2002 and 2008.

It follows that from the point of view of material progress, one year in China today is equivalent to 83 years in medieval Western Europe (during this time three people could be born and die - in the Middle Ages, the average life expectancy was only 24 years).

... but still faster than the economy of any other country in the world

Economic growth in Western Europe was still far ahead of that in the countries of Asia and Eastern Europe (including Russia), which are estimated to grow three times slower (0.04%). This means that over 500 years, the income of the local population has become only 22% higher. If Western Europe moved like a turtle, other countries resembled snails.

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