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The insufficiently diverse racial or gender affiliation, as well as sexual orientation, the composition of the top management of the companies will become the basis for refusal to cooperate, the head of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. announced the other day at a forum in Davos. - The largest investment bank in the United States - David Solomon.

According to the head of the bank, those startups whose governing body consists exclusively of white heterosexual men will be denied initial IPO public offering. The IPO organizer said that the rules are a settled issue and will come into force in July 2020. And starting next year, 2021, those companies that want to attract Goldman Sachs to the organization of the initial public offering of shares should make sure that at least two representatives of a female, non-white skin or minority group are in the senior management sexual preferences.

David Solomon explained his position by the fact that only over the past 2 years, more than six dozen companies in Europe and America have appeared on the stock exchange, whose tops are neither women, “color”, nor gays of both sexes. This is not tolerant, they decided at the bank, and put up such an unusual, but severe restriction for their customers. By the way, the management of the bank itself consists of 11 members - 4 women and two “color” ones. The presence of representatives of sexual minorities on the board of directors of Goldman Sachs is not yet known.

The bank statement caused a flurry of emotions, not only in economic and business circles. Tolerance, as tolerance for another, recognition of equality - this, of course, is good. Our world is beautiful with its diversity of everything, giving the right to others to be different is a sign of culture, good education and a high degree of spirituality.

However, a legitimate question arises: why should questions of economic efficiency depend on skin color, gender and sexual orientation of the leadership of the economic units of our society? How are these concepts interconnected, and how can the skin color of a top manager, for example, become a criterion for evaluating a startup’s effectiveness? The main factor in the formation of the leading link has always been only the professionalism of the top manager, and not his sexual, food, musical and other preferences.

David Solomon explained his position. In his opinion, companies with a wide variety of executives show much better financial results than companies whose management is uniform. According to the bank, the average annual increase in the share price of companies with a diverse composition among the tops amounted to 44%, and companies with traditionally “male white composition” - only 13%.

 A logical question arises. Well, a woman or a person with non-white skin color can be identified by appearance. Although this is not a fact - plastic surgery works wonders today. And color becomes white (and vice versa), and the gender of an individual can often be determined only by passport. But how to introduce a mandatory number of representatives of sexual minorities in the top leadership? After all, sexual life refers to the section of personal information, which cannot be forced to disclose a person in any country in the world. If he doesn’t want to. Not everyone will agree to a cuming out or a lie in order to please Goldman Sachs. 

The statement of the requirement itself is absurd: the company should be led, first of all, by a professional. Education, experience, love of work and talent - this is the way to the top management team, but not sexual preferences, racial or gender affiliation. A person can be a colored homosexual transgender, which is sure to please a bank that cares for tolerance. But, at the same time, a contender for the title of top can be an absolute lack of mediocrity in matters of business, economics and business efficiency. Which absolutely will not benefit the company and shareholders.

And what about companies that, in fact, at all levels, in fact, objectively do not have color, women or gays who, according to the criteria, are suitable for the top position? To advertise for hire from the outside: “A colored gay woman is urgently needed to manage a joint-stock company, two next year at once! Payment high, comfortable office with cookies? "

However, since the summer of 2020, the new Goldman Sachs requirement will apply to all companies in Europe and America, although Asian companies will not touch it yet. Due to cultural characteristics, with women leaders, as well as people who openly declare their non-traditional orientation in the sense of sexual preferences, in those regions there is already a big problem.

Tolerance is good until it turns into absurdity. If, under the guise of observing tolerance, other beliefs are imposed on others by order or in the order of disguised blackmail, this is violence and aggression, not tolerance. Tolerance is, first of all, respect and acceptance of another as a phenomenon, as well as giving others the right to live in accordance with their own worldview, if it does not violate the rights of others.

To supplement or dilute the board of directors of the company in accordance with the understanding of the diversity of the investor is a personal matter, of course, for each company. If they have not white, not men, not heterosexual candidates for the position of tops - they will be very lucky. The rest of the companies, who are not so lucky, will have to dilute the managerial staff with “pea jesters”, dummies who meet the bank’s set criteria, but are not able to bring any benefit to the company itself.

However, it’s too early for startups to get upset. So far, only Goldman Sachs has put forward such a demand. It is the largest, but not the only one on the market. However, if others join the financial conglomerate, ignoring their demands will fail. Transgender people will have to present documents stating their real gender, and sexual minorities have to go out for a cuming out. Even if they don’t want it.

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