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The founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, spoke about the principles of doing business that helped him succeed.

“You must accept the fact that you may be wrong. Your goal is to make less mistakes, ”Musk said, talking to reporters on the sidelines of an energy conference in Norway.

According to the billionaire, immediately after starting a business, entrepreneurs are usually optimistic, but then they inevitably encounter difficulties and "go through a whole world of pain."

If you accept your “imperfection” from the very beginning and learn how to work on mistakes, this will allow you to quickly detect impending problems and minimize their negative consequences, Mask is sure.

To speed up his personal growth, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX advised him to adhere to three main principles. First, entrepreneurs should use every opportunity to surpass their competitors.

“If you enter an existing market against large established competitors, your product or service should be much better than them,” Musk emphasized.

Secondly, you always need to look for constructive criticism. Especially valuable may be comments from loved ones, the billionaire believes.

 “Usually your friends know what’s wrong, but they don’t want to talk about it so as not to hurt you,” he said. 

Thirdly, Musk advised to surround yourself with people who understand something better than you do. Even if their point of view is not close to you, you still need to listen carefully to such people, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX is sure.

Ovo je automatski prijevod.
Kliknite ovdje da biste pročitali publikaciju na izvornom jeziku.

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