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Decorating and decorating interiors with modular furniture is a practical and relevant way to create a modern and comfortable space. There are many advantages, let's consider them in more detail.

How modular sofas differ from classic sofas

Modular sofas are not a separate piece of furniture, but a whole system. It consists of several elements - modules that can be freely combined with each other. Each one has different dimensions and characteristics, but all together they form a harmonious and stylistically consistent furniture complex.

The buyer can independently choose the number of elements or even supplement them with other pieces of furniture (poufs, armchairs), thereby obtaining complex interesting combinations. Modular systems are often equipped with such comfort elements as a built-in bar, lighting, compact table top, etc.

Therefore, each system is individual and always adapted to the needs of the buyer.

Advantages of modular sofas

  • Ease of installation and delivery. It is difficult to bring a bulky sofa into an apartment. Modular systems consist of several lightweight and mobile elements that fit perfectly into doorways.
  • Various combinations are provided. Within the framework of one modular system, the blocks can be assembled in different ways: to create one large recreation complex or to place the elements in different corners of the room.
  • The functional design suits any space - from a spacious loft to a small studio. And if you are planning a renovation or relocation, the modular system will not lose its relevance and will find its place in the new interior.
  • Affordable price with the same set of options. To get, for example, the same number of seating areas, you will have to pay more for ordinary furniture.
  • Visual appeal. You don't have to customize furnishings to fit the same style - the modular system forms a single, effective ensemble.

Recommendations for choosing a modular system

The main selection criteria are as follows:

1. Method of block fastening. He can be:

Tough. You determine in advance the number of blocks you need in a furniture showroom, after which they are fixed in one modular system under factory conditions. It differs from the classic design of the sofa in that it is selected individually, in accordance with the wishes of the customer. But it will not work to separate the blocks of such a system on your own - you will have to involve specialists.

Transformable. All blocks of the system are mobile. They can be independently disconnected and connected to form a new modular system. Some manufacturers regularly replenish the most sought-after collections with new blocks so that buyers can expand the functionality of their sofas and add variety to the interior.

2. A set of functions. Determined solely by the wishes of the client. How are you planning to use the new sofa? If this is a permanent bed, you need to pay special attention to the folding system and the comfort of the bed. Decide on the presence and capacity of storage compartments, the need for options such as lighting, table top, backrest angle adjustment, etc.

3. Upholstery material. Of course, it must first of all be in harmony with the interior. But we must not forget about the practical component. For example, furniture made of leather or leatherette is easier to care for, while it looks solid and expensive - just what you need for an office or office. For the bedroom, it is better to choose soft fabric options. If there are animals at home, you need a durable and unpretentious material to care for, for example, flock.

4. Filler. If you are going to use the sofa as a sleeping place, choose models with an orthopedic mattress made of polyurethane foam or with independent spring blocks.

In the "Discount Furniture Center" you will find many models of modular sofas from leading manufacturers. Models of Russian, European and Asian brands are presented here, and prices are noticeably lower than in other salons. You can buy a discounted model directly on the website or by visiting our stores.

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