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Opening your own online store is a very complicated and risky business. Despite the fact that for good entrepreneurs, such a business brings a lot of money, the risk of burnout for beginners is simply enormous. For, there are many reasons: inexperience in conducting this kind of business, inflated prices, lack of advertising and sites for creating your own online store. There is a solution to this global problem, this is Retava.

What is it?

Retava.ru is a trading platform that allows you to create an online store, promoting it along with competitors. This site is very convenient for both users and businessmen. For sellers, this is a great chance to start your startup without any problems, and for buyers, the portal provides the best categories, taking into account discounts, personal preferences and much more. A perfectly accurate filter with various search parameters for different sections will be a huge plus for users.

What are the advantages of this site?

Both well-known companies with a billion turnover and newcomers who are ready to confirm their good faith and the quality of the goods being promoted can post their offers on the site. It is for the intuitive design of the site and the quick easy operation that Retava enjoys immense popularity and support. Unlike many other sites for online marketing, Retava.ru carefully checks all the goods displayed, and also tracks customer reviews, blocking scam accounts. The management of the site listens to the opinions of both parties: both the buyer and the seller, solving contentious issues and improving the content.

A pleasant design in calm colors and a large enough font will help customers easily find the right product or service, and a convenient search, by keywords, will eliminate the appearance of unnecessary things in the proposal stream. A variety of categories from cosmetics to building materials in different price categories will help to find exactly what you need.

How to register on Retava?

Instant registration, which takes no more than 15 minutes, will give access to the personal account of the buyer, or to the personal account of the seller. To pass authorization, the user only needs to specify some of his data: email or a social network through which you can also register through an account. Next, you only need to generate a strong password and confirm the entrance to the created office.

Bonuses under the "bring a friend" program will also be a pleasant gift from the site. It is enough to invite a new user to this portal and promotion will be awarded.

After entering his personal account, a businessman will have the following options:

Own online store;
Putting goods and services for sale;
Publication of articles and news store;
Ability to edit product information;
Acceptance of orders and customer messages directly on the site;
Sending messages to all subscribers of the online store.
How to start selling and increase sales?

In order for goods to have the greatest demand and business to go uphill, certain rules must be adhered to.

1. First you need to set the most complete information about the product, no need to regret this time.

2. The better the photo of the product or type of service, the greater the chance that the client will choose this particular offer.

3. It is necessary to put the correct category, otherwise the client is unlikely to see the goods in his tape.

4. Before starting sales, it is advisable to display as many products as possible, and sign at the end of the announcement that the buyer will be able to see more of these products in the store’s profile.

5. You must always answer even meticulous questions from users, the more polite the answer, the greater the chance of a repeat purchase in this particular online store.

6. If the category of goods sold has not yet been decided, it is advisable to initially study the market and see what sells better.

7. Adequate price is the key to the productive work of the online store.

Retava works throughout Russia, helping buyers and sellers find each other. The site is one of the best at the moment. Sales at Retava.ru are growing every day.

Ovo je automatski prijevod.
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