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To think about how to make the kitchen functional and at the same time cozy, is still at the stage of the design project of the room. If this is not possible, but you still want to add comfort, you can buy a sofa in the kitchen . And how not to make mistakes at the same time, we understand the article.

How to place a sofa in the kitchen?

There are several important nuances that should not be missed:

  • Enough space: the sofa should not interfere with freely opening and closing the door.

  • Free exit on both sides: otherwise, when placing the sofa on the table and facing the wall, one of the seated people will have to skip the exit every time.

  • Permissible capacity: a comfortable place for one person is at least 50 cm. It is important to consider this moment so that those sitting nearby do not push their elbows.

  • Correct stiffness and height of the sofa: do not buy too soft and low furniture in the kitchen, otherwise lunch will be just uncomfortable.

What design sofa to buy for the kitchen?

If you consider upholstered furniture in the kitchen also as an extra bed, your choice is a folding sofa. Choosing the right transformation system is necessary based on the footage and layout of the room.

The most popular transformation mechanisms:

  • Eurobook. This design is considered the most reliable and durable, therefore, it is optimal for those who plan to lay out furniture daily.

  • The sofa-eurobook fits perfectly into any interior, because you can place it in the center of the kitchen, if the area allows, and close to the wall.

To turn it into a comfortable and spacious bed, you need to push the seat all the way forward and lower the back to the vacant seat. The mechanism is thought out so that during the transformation the back does not come into contact with the wall, that is, you do not have to move the furniture daily.

Drawers located under the seats are convenient for storing bedding.

  • The assembled sleeping sofa for the kitchen with the Accordion mechanism occupies a small area, is easy to fold out and is also very reliable.

The principle of its action is very simple: pull the seat towards you, the folded back is expanded, and as a result, a perfectly flat sleeping place is formed.

It is worth considering that these models require a sufficiently large space for transformation.

  • "Dolphin". Upholstered furniture with such a mechanism is the best option for a kitchen of any size. Pull the handle slightly up and the extra seat will pop out like a dolphin out of the water. The sofa will turn into a comfortable double bed.

  • The “French clamshell” is one of the simplest transformation mechanisms. To lay out the sofa, you need to remove the pillows, and then pull the seat towards you by the special handle.

The disadvantages of furniture with such a design include a too soft and thin mattress, which is unsuitable for daily sleep, and the lack of a drawer for linen. But this option is ideal in order to leave the guests who have sat up for a night.

At the sale of sofas in the "Discount Furniture Center" among the variety of models presented, you can pick up and buy straight, corner sofas and any other furniture that is optimal for your needs.

Corner sofa - the best option for the kitchen

Rational use of square meters in the kitchen, especially a small one, is not an easy task. An angular sofa will help to cope with it.

In addition to a comfortable place for family and friendly gatherings, the soft “corner” will become a spacious and inconspicuous storage for kitchen utensils and products: it has built-in drawers under the seats.

Some models of corner sofas for the kitchen also fold out and form an extra bed. The most suitable transformation mechanism in this case is the dolphin.

In spacious studio apartments, corner sofas can be used for zoning.

We select upholstery for a sofa in the kitchen

As you know, the durability of upholstered furniture depends not only on the reliability of the design and the transformation system, but also to a large extent on the upholstery.

When making a choice, it is important to remember the many sources of pollution. So that the oil sprinkled from the pan or spilled soup does not spoil your furniture and mood, we recommend buying a leather sofa.

The advantages of furniture with genuine leather upholstery can be safely attributed to:

  • durability;

  • environmental friendliness;

  • simplicity in leaving;

  • aesthetic look.

The main disadvantage is the high cost. However, at a furniture sale in Moscow you can buy a leather sofa at a great discount. Come to the "Discount Furniture Center" and choose from a huge assortment. Even easier to order and buy a sofa in mebel online store - instock. ru .

Together with the sofa you get:

  • quality service;

  • guarantees from furniture manufacturers;

  • many additional options: departure of the measurer, designer, manager;

  • an opportunity to buy furniture on credit or by installments;

  • Free delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Whatever your choice - in favor of a small leather or, conversely, a large and textile model - a sofa in the kitchen, definitely, will do an excellent job.

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