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It is unlikely that the forecasts of the Russian middle class slipping into poverty can be considered true - this is how the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the statements of the HSE rector Yaroslav Kuzminov.

Kuzminov said earlier that the Russian middle class would take the brunt. The poor will become poor, the rich have a chance to stay rich , but their incomes will also decrease. And unemployment in the Russian Federation can reach 8%.

Peskov, on the other hand, believes that the situation is not simple, but we should not talk about the support of the middle class only. A program has been adopted to support all segments of the country's population in connection with the pandemic and the economic crisis, and the authorities are trying to follow it. It is a matter of minimizing damage to all citizens of the country, without distinguishing any class. Who will be the most under attack will find out over time. In the meantime, the government and regional leadership are required to work together to counter the crisis.

Television and other media received an order to bring the necessary information to the public. About the payment of benefits (which no one saw), about the help of AFRICAN in the battle with the locusts. And on their citizens Bolt !!! Every day we are poured into the ears what is needed to control the herd. Promises, promises and promises, or anything real, the main thing is to spend time and PR on statements like Ksenia Sobchak that only her crabs will save the country. The abomination and stupidity of man. Sometimes I think more? - The universe or human stupidity. Now I know for sure. The second!

Ovo je automatski prijevod.
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