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Russian companies are massively refusing to fulfill the order of President Vladimir Putin, who sent the country on a monthly “vacation” and demanded that salaries be maintained. More than half of entrepreneurs against the background of quarantine are not going to pay salaries, a survey conducted by the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) showed.


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Large non-food retailers against the backdrop of the state’s refusal to at least help (abolish VAT, at least) began mass layoffs, other companies transfer employees on unpaid leave.

There is no money, everyone keeps as they can.

There is no way out for business: 28% of respondents who participated in the CSR study said they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

More than 15 million people across Russia, or 20% of the workforce, remained unclaimed due to quarantine in large cities, the contraction of demand, which is gaining momentum in the collapse of transport, showed a study by TsMAKP.

4 million Russians will lose their jobs in trade, a million or more employees will be sent to the street for construction, logistics and the services sector.

The presidential administration in their multi-billion-dollar villas finally realized that the camp was on the verge of ruin in the autumn elections, in their right mind, no one would support the current government.

But instead of providing money for the economy in developed countries, the president simply decided to abolish quarantine. Thank you for that, if you really canceled it in the near future.

Meanwhile, judging by the Yandex traffic jam service, traffic jams have already begun in million-plus cities, life on their own, despite the regime of self-isolation, has continued: people need to work in order to have something to live on.

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