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The 7 most influential families that rule the world

The globalization of economics and technology such as the World Wide Web, which creates a single information field, leads to centralization of power and total control over the actions of each member of society.

The new system of relationships in society is called the New World Order (NMP). It implies the establishment of full control over resources and humanity as a whole. People increasingly think that they have to obey some laws, sometimes not quite fair, and sometimes completely alien to their nature, which are invented to control their life and personal space. All these laws are subordinate to the interests of one percent of the so-called elite, which includes the 7 most influential and wealthiest families in the world.

These are the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Windsor, Baruch, Al Saud, Morgan and Pritzker

Rothschild family

Baron Guy de Rothschild is a banker, a member of the French branch of the financial Rothschild dynasty
For many years it remains the most famous and influential dynasty. She owns a fortune of 500 trillion US dollars. She rules the world through the financial sector. Almost all world banks are the property of the family or are included in its circle of influence. The Rothschilds control the US Federal Reserve, roughly speaking in their hands the printing press, which is flooding the world with dollar bills. This organization is not state owned and is not dependent on the United States.

In London, Business Center City is also a non-governmental organization that is not within the scope of influence and control of the UK authorities.

The Rothschilds and their associates are controlled by the Vatican City, which is an independent, self-sufficient structure. He is responsible for the ideology and deterrence of members of society by the method of intimidation.

Brainwashing and reprogramming is done by the District of Columbia, Washington. It is also, in fact, an independent entity, not part of any of the US states.

The Rothschilds managed to multiply the fortune of Amschel Mayer Rothschild, who initiated the dynasty of bankers, thousands of times. Amschel opened his first bank in Frankfurt and involved all his sons, and later all the relatives who promoted it on all continents, in this business.

Rockefeller family

It owes its wealth to the oil business, created in the late XIX - early XX centuries
The second largest dynasty in terms of private capital. The surname has become a household name, denoting success and wealth.

The founder of the dynasty was John Rockefeller, who since childhood was a calculating and pragmatic child. His games in childhood consisted in the profitable sale of pets, which he himself raised. His calculating mind was appreciated by one of the famous merchants of that time. He noticed a young man who joined the office as an assistant accountant and invited him to join his companions.

John believed in his ability to predict market demand, and was not afraid to invest in a new business. So in 1879 he invested all his finances in a promising, as it seemed to him, business - oil production and refining. And soon he controlled 90% of the US mining industry.

Rockefeller easily led the antitrust committee, splitting his company into 34 small enterprises.

The descendants of John were able to increase the fortune of his grandfather and at the same time earned a reputation as business entrepreneurial people who are happy to be invited to large posts and political movements.

Royal family of Great Britain

In the UK there is no clear legal or formal definition of a member of the royal family, as a rule, members of the royal family are: the monarch, the spouse of the monarch, the widowed spouse of the monarch, the children of the monarch, the grandchildren of the monarch on the male side, the spouses and widowed spouses of sons and grandsons on the male side of the monarch.
Despite the formal restriction of the monarchy, it remains one of the most influential families in the world. Queen Victoria at one time made sure that all courts and all governments had members of the royal family of Great Britain. Having got rid of German roots in 1910, George V gave a new surname to his family - the Windsor, which saved the dynasty from attempts to overthrow and added more patriotism to the eyes of the townsfolk.


American financier, stock speculator, as well as politician and statesman
The first to notice and justify the theory of rapid ascent in the presence of capital and power. He once helped Woodrow Wilson in his election campaign, and when he received the presidency, Baruch was repaid by a post in the military-industrial complex, giving it to him at the mercy. Later, the billionaire, along with Churchill, developed an enrichment strategy at the expense of the USSR and Germany. First, they helped them get on their feet, while earning good dividends and raising the economies of their countries, and then pushed these two strong powers against their foreheads, and again received dividends and strengthened the US state economy.

In 1960, a bench appeared in the square opposite the White House - a memorial in honor of Baruch. And the world bigwigs towards the end of his life noted that in geopolitics and economics the role of Baruch exceeds the roles of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, who are at his errand.

Al saud

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Ibn Salman Al Saud and U.S. President Donald Trump during a meeting in the White House Oval Office, March 2018
The ruling royal dynasty in Saudi Arabia since the formation of the country in 1932. A dynasty that has gained worldwide influence through oil production. Oil has helped the people to raise the standard of living, and the ruling dynasty to strengthen influence on a global level. 20% of the world's oil reserves are in the hands of the Saudis.


John Pierpont Morgan I is an American entrepreneur, banker, and financier who dominated corporate finance and industry consolidation in the United States of America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
This family remains at the Olympus of world government, influencing the political course of the United States and controlling the world banking system. John Pirpont Morgan, who founded this financial empire, became rich in the arms trade during the Civil War. His descendants became CEOs of General Motors and General Electric.


Barack Obama Introduces New Trade Secretary - Billionaire Penny Pritzker
Appeared in Chicago in 1881. It was a family of Jewish immigrants from Kiev. They created the Hayat Corporation, which is engaged in the hotel business and organizing leisure in resorts around the world. The family also has a business in construction and urban planning. The modern look of Chicago was created, in many respects, thanks to the efforts of their experts in the field of architecture.

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