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Interior 21 century-Joiner-furniture production for the manufacture of furniture and interior items from wood of expensive varieties, MDF and veneer.

Moscow and Moscow region
Amount of investment:
6 500 000 rub.

Solved problem:

Selling a quality product with a guarantee higher than that of competitors.

Poor quality of service, due to the lack of professionalism of employees.

Creation of a customer service enterprise in the areas of furniture, interiors, forging, stained glass, painting and gilding, manufacturing of design and engineering projects, delivery, assembly and assembly work, other intermediary services for the purchase and acquisition of accessories, components and other things, a set of services in one location.

Market environment:

The Russian furniture market is one of the most competitive: it presents both large factories that manufacture furniture in series and small entrepreneurs working on individual orders. The development potential of the industry is quite large, but the demand for furniture among Russians remains at a low level (in comparison with European countries). The volume of the world furniture market exceeds 200 billion euros per year, and the share of the Russian Federation in it is less than 1%.
According to the consulting company Intesco Research Group, the market for wooden furniture has been steadily growing since 2010 (it increased 1.7 times over 3 years). This is due to both the growth in housing construction and the increase in incomes of the population. The last three years have seen not only high activity of buyers, but also their willingness to update the furnishings of their homes, even if the headsets remain quite presentable. The Russian furniture market has revived after years of stagnation. The main drivers are the growth in sales of mortgage housing, the localization of European production of furniture components, the improvement of the quality of Russian furniture and public procurement. The localization of the European production of components has allowed furniture manufacturers to increase the quality of furniture made from them. Furniture makers summed up last year: the furniture industry came to life and began to show positive dynamics. According to the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises (AMDPR), in 2019, Russian furniture manufacturers increased production by 8% compared to 2018.

Main competitors:

The main types of players that determine the domestic furniture market: these are manufacturers of continuous furniture, engaged in trade and just trading companies. There is no competition as such! There are large enterprises producing mass-produced products combining cheap and slightly expensive materials. There are shops and companies selling furniture from other countries, the price of these products breaks all records!

Competitive advantages:

- We make designer furniture for individual orders, according to the parameters of a particular home and the wishes of the client).
- For wealthy consumers who value quality and individuality, support the “buy domestic” trend, appreciate beautiful things and are ready to pay extra for this. We will produce analog furniture and interiors or prototypes of products with a check of 30% -35% less than any Italian or German factories with the same quality and materials declared by manufacturers (which is always misleading to the consumer). The array declared on sale is a combination of MDF paper and veneer.

The essence of the technology used:

During the mechanical processing of timber, there is a change in the shape and volume of wood without changing the substance itself, as in the chemical method. Most wood materials are processed in such a way that the bonds between the fibers are broken. The basis of such processing is the property of wood to divide and is carried out mainly by cutting. Timber can be sawed, planed, cut, milled. Much less often, processing is used without breaking the bond between the fibers, for example, pressing or bending. To implement this treatment, the craftsmen use the plastic properties of wood, i.e., the ability to maintain their shape after the end of the external forces.

Type of business model:


Monetization channels:

Growth to a large enterprise and showroom. Which should be in Moscow and work closely with interior designers and online furniture stores. There is nothing special in their promotion: a beautiful store site, an active life on social networks, business cards, partnership with designers and uploading photos of finished products. It was verified that orders come mainly through the social networks VKontakte and Instagram. Even taking into account the decline in incomes of the population, the demand for the products of small workshops exceeds the supply, so import substitution is just the point. The relationship between the buyer and the contractor also develops in a special way: the workshop does not make bulk goods and does not seek to vaparize it to the consumer. On the contrary, it produces exactly what a specific person needs, communicating with each customer as with a friend.
Ways to promote products: • Wholesale buyer. • Retail sales through social networks. • Outsourcing. • Design studio. • Architects. • Private sector. • Regular customer. - Opening of the showroom. - Printing catalog and brochures. - Sales from the website (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) and its promotion in the TOP 10. - Publishing articles in print media. - Online store.

Attracting and retaining customers:

We will produce analog furniture and interiors or prototypes of products with a check of 30% -35% less than any Italian or German factories with the same quality and materials declared by manufacturers (which is always misleading to the consumer). The array declared for sale is a combination of MDF paper and veneer - a change in the taste of our compatriots. If earlier the basis of demand was classical furniture of simple geometric proportions and mainly dark colors, today people are eager for exclusivity and bright personality in the interior.
There is a clear trend: today's consumer no longer divides furniture according to the principle of “ours or imported”.
The buyer is primarily interested in:
• quality of material and fittings;
• price;
• appearance;
• service and additional services (the ability to choose color, material, shade, size for certain parameters).


Design engineer, technologist-2 people (10 years experience.)
Production manager - 1 person. (experience 25 years)
Joiner - 14 people. (work experience 10-20 years)
OMTS - 1 person (experience 8 years)
House painter - 2 people. (experience 8-10 years)
Manager - 1 person (experience 18 years)

Mishin Oleg (Leader)

Experience 35 years. Organization and management of the production process of individual furniture, interiors and serial products. Production and business activities. The decision of administrative questions. Technical development of the enterprise. Improving the organization of production, technology and mechanization. Production planning. Recruitment. Occupational health and safety. Preparation of commercial offers. Estimates. Of the contract. Customer card. Calculation of the cost and cost of products, manufacturing time. Preparation of technical specifications for the production of documentation and products. Maintaining and monitoring work schedules with departments. Preparation of a route map for the contractor. etc

Current indicators and project achievements:

There are partners: Nikitins design studio, private designers, interior designer Mikhail Sedov (Strogonovka), architect Natalya Nikitina MARCHI, production of metal products "Owl" Ivanovo

Legal Aspects:

LLC "New Interior" is re-registered in LLC "Interior 21 century". No commercial activity since 2012.


The growing consumer demand for high-quality wood products makes it possible to manufacture things with an exclusive design, which are quite expensive. Very low competition in comparison with other types of entrepreneurial activity, which has a small turnover. Open several showrooms and increase sales of furniture and interiors from expensive wood species on individual projects. Within a few years, become the best producer in the region with the ability to enter other markets. To this end, during 2020-2021, we must increase sales and become the only enterprise in the region capable of producing a quality product.


Purchase of technological equipment, tools and materials. Payment of payroll and rent at the rate of 3 months before reaching self-sufficiency.

Sources of funds and structure of shares of the company:

There are no shares in the company. 100% of the owner Mishin O.V.

Terms of transaction and company valuation:

Scheduled calculation of output per month from 40,000 USD. The annual turnover is 480,000 USD. The investor is offered 25% on an ongoing basis.

woodeninterior@inbox.ru +79774170635 WhatsApp

Download: INTERIOR 21st CENTURY presentation.pdf (6 megabytes)

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