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"Interior 21 century"
Moscow Russian Federation
about the project
Project partners
Designer furniture and home decoration.

Joiner's production of furniture and interior items from expensive wood, MDF and veneer.

Other directions:
Metal products (forging) and glass (stained glass and fusing).
Engineering and design projects.
Artwork, painting and gilding of objects in the interior and furniture.
Products for sales:
Wooden furniture.
Doors, arches, portals.
The stairs.
Panels, radiator screens, ceilings.
Molded products.
Metal and glass products.
Engineering projects and design projects.
Artwork, painting and gilding.
Door blocks (engineering massif of oak, etc.)


Arch-portal (decorative design of the opening).

Radiator Screens.

Molded products. Engineering and design projects.

Furniture in the interior.

Metal products, forging.

Glass products, stained glass.

Products with artificial aging.

Artwork carving, painting and gilding.

The check for a custom wood product is higher than the pricing of factories and other flow enterprises due to multi-stage service and not having standard sales positions. Everything is individual from size, material and color selection. Each product has its own project, design documentation and a long way of coordination. The product does not get into production without agreed documents.

We make designer furniture for individual orders, according to the parameters of a particular home and the wishes of the client.

For affluent consumers who value quality and individuality, support the “buy domestic” trend, appreciate beautiful things and are ready to pay extra for this.

We fulfill the request for exclusive premium goods for people who want to amuse their ego and those who are interested in contemporary art.

Economics and pricing:
Pricing in furniture production takes place on a market basis. We are doing the production process, which consists of:

wood picker
furniture design and engineering
making furniture
selection of furniture fittings.
There is a clear trend: today's consumer no longer divides furniture according to the principle of “ours or imported”.

The buyer is primarily interested in:

quality of material and fittings;
service and additional services (the ability to choose color, material, shade, size for certain parameters).
Orientation to the brand was preserved among wealthy people, for whom the purchase of furniture is also a matter of prestige.

The growing consumer demand for high-quality wood products makes it possible to manufacture things with an exclusive design, which are quite expensive.
Very low competition in comparison with other types of entrepreneurial activity, which has a small turnover.
Open several showrooms and increase sales of furniture and interiors from expensive wood species on individual projects. Within a few years, become the best producer in the region with the ability to enter other markets.
To this end, during 2020-2022, we must increase sales and become the only company in the region capable of producing a quality product. To achieve this goal, we have developed for ourselves a step-by-step instruction for the next two years. During this time it is planned:
As much as possible to attract and interest the consumer with our products. Increase production capacity. Debug the entire chain of interactions between departments and logistics.
Financial expenses:
Opening of a Legal Entity under the brand name “Interior 21 Century”, registration with a tax authority and opening of a current account with a bank.
Launching events to attract a client and work with designers (making an Internet resource) in a presentable form with a full range of products, work and services with a website in the top 10.
Rent of a production workshop, with communications, technical, storage, office premises and equipment 450-600 M2.
Rental of premises for a show room.
Purchase of additional equipment, machines, org. Appliances, jobs for employees
Recruitment of engineers and specialists with special education
Organization of work on the launch of production, jobs, engineering and installation works.
Placement of ongoing work in production, signing of contracts for the performance of work.
Competitors and their prices:
The main types of players that determine the domestic furniture market: these are manufacturers of continuous furniture, engaged in trade and just trading companies. There is no competition as such! There are large enterprises producing mass-produced products combining cheap and slightly expensive materials. There are shops and companies selling furniture from other countries, the price of these products breaks all records!

We will produce analog furniture and interiors or prototypes of products with a check less than 30% -35% of any Italian or German factories.

Marketing strategy:
Ways to promote products:
Wholesale buyer.
Retailing through social networks.
Design studio.
Private sector.
Regular customer.
Opening of the show room.
Printing catalog and brochures.
Sales from the website (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) and its promotion in the TOP 10.
Publication of articles in print media.
Online store.
Investment offer:
An investor who is ready to finance a project is offered a 25% permanent share in this project.

Financing Needed:
In order to open a production site in Moscow, we need funding - $ 200,000.

“Interior 21 Century”, the former “New Interior” has been known to designers, architects and construction companies for many years.

1. Poor quality of service, due to the lack of professionalism of employees. Such a risk is easily controlled by ongoing training, selection of professional personnel and certification of each employee.

2. Increase in expenses. The reason we may run into this problem is the increase in rents, but this problem can be solved. At the initial stage, we conclude an exclusive agreement with the landlord, which will prescribe long-term conditions for cooperation.


O. V. Mishin, experience in organizing business processes for over thirty years. Successful experience in the development of similar enterprises. Development of enterprise strategy and crisis management. Optimization of costs, quantity and assortment. The introduction of new product samples for sales. Work with regulatory authorities. Employee development and motivation.

Command :

- Sedov M. - interior artist (Strogonovka).

- Natalya N. - Architect MARCHI (Design Studio Nikitins).

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