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Exclusive furniture

The assortment of finished furniture on the market allows you to quickly pick up affordable and varied options for interior items.

Exclusive furniture of custom sizes and exclusive design made from rare materials is made to order. In this case, the furniture will be more technological, using only high-quality materials.

Buying furniture to order, the buyer is not limited in the choice of materials and styles. Among the major salons providing designer services, it is worth noting Estetica, Ustye and Mario Design.

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Manufacture and manufacture of exclusive furniture
Manufacturers of exclusive furniture are widely represented in the middle price segment. Among them are Viva Kupe, Siblarix, Parametric Design.

The production of such furniture is based on three principles:

Individual approach to every customer. Turning to the salon, the buyer selects exactly those sizes, shapes and materials that are suitable for a particular residential premises;

flexible manufacturing and payment terms. Depending on the wishes of the client, the process of manufacturing and assembling furniture takes different times. Large companies also offer free installation of finished furniture;

additional service for customers. The guarantee for exclusive furniture includes professional restoration (if necessary) and recommendations of the designer on the choice of interior items in the future.
The process of creating exclusive custom-made furniture
Creating furniture for a special project consists of four stages:

Creating a detailed design project. As a rule, furniture stores prefer to take measurements in the room on their own, so that the finished product is fully sized. This is especially important if expensive wood species and massive metal fittings are used. Based on the obtained dimensions, a drawing of future furniture is compiled, materials and colors for manufacturing are negotiated. Then a design project and terms of reference are created. The process of approval involves designers, planners, technologists and, of course, customers.

Based on the agreed design project, prices and terms of manufacturing finished furniture are calculated. Depending on the wishes of the client, the installation and delivery of furniture can be changed. Flexible delivery times are provided by Mebellain, A. Brugeiro, Estuary.

Having agreed all the parameters, the parties enter into an agreement in which the materials, production time, procedure and amount of payment are specified in detail. The document helps to resolve any conflicts of the parties and guarantees timely execution of the order at the proper level.

After signing the contract, the manufacturer proceeds to create furniture.
Exclusive custom-made furniture made of wood
For the manufacture of furniture from rare wood species, it is best to turn to proven professionals, for example, firms:

Academ Furniture.
Competent specialists process the wood with suitable compounds, which increases its service life and visual characteristics. If the customer provides his own materials (for example, when recycling old wood), the manufacturer takes on not only the treatment of all surfaces, but also further warranty service.

Creating furniture from solid wood involves strict adherence to the drying process and primary processing of wood. Experienced professionals use optimal protective compounds that do not harm the natural color and texture of the tree. Even inexpensive wood looks presentable and status, if properly processed.

A quality fit of solid wood furniture parts will protect the finished product from drying out, deformation and other external influences. Self-assembly of exclusive furniture cannot guarantee its durability.

Exclusive custom-made children's furniture
When choosing furniture for a children's room, it is important to choose the right material.

When creating children's furniture, manufacturers use non-toxic compounds for wood processing. For example, Alfa-Pegasus, Biltex and DenWood companies offer a wide range of furniture made of hypoallergenic materials.

Another important point when buying children's furniture is a combination of design and functionality. Therefore, exclusive furniture for individual orders is the best choice for the nursery.

Design projects of such furniture are limited only by the imagination of the baby. You can order decorative elements that reflect the hobbies of the child. For example, a bed in the form of a car, a rack with decorative anchors.

Individual assembly involves the installation of unique rotary mechanisms, the creation of transformer furniture. For example, beds that move apart as the baby grows will save parents time and money. Desks with a mobile worktop will adapt to the growth of the child, reducing the risk of back diseases in the future.

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Sale of exclusive furniture
Elite store salons (such as Zinwood, Giocondo Arte and Diso-Mebel) provide potential customers with detailed samples for choosing future furniture. Consultants are ready to orient buyers on materials, features of their processing and terms of furniture manufacturing.

Despite this, the sale of exclusive furniture often depends on the reputation of the manufacturer and the number of successfully completed orders.

When buying unique furniture, customers focus not only on a wide range of materials and design projects. More important features are the reliability of the finished furniture and after-sales service.

Soft wood and complex decorative elements require careful care and periodic restoration. Professionals working in elite furniture salons will provide high quality service.

Manufacturers of exclusive furniture at the exhibition
Manufacturers of exclusive furniture are widely represented at the Furniture exhibition. Here you can see a variety of companies specializing in the manufacture of stylish tables, chairs, soft headsets.

Creating new and unusual furniture options, manufacturers become true trendsetters in the furniture world.

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