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The main thing is furniture!
The most important thing in interior design is furniture
It is clear to both experienced professionals and beginners that it plays a large role in the interior. In fact, this is the most important component with which any project should begin. And now we will prove it.

Furniture is the first thing to consider when designing a space
Try to answer the question: What furniture is needed in the bedroom? And in the living room? Bet you haven't thought about the answer for too long? Because it defines the context, the purpose of space!

Therefore, when choosing furnishings for a project, a designer, first of all, must answer the question - how will the premises be used? If you are designing a living room in which many guests will receive, you will try to arrange as many seating areas as possible.

The large work room needs desks and storage space. Also, it is furniture items most often used as a central element of design around which space is organized.

Furniture determines the purpose of the room
Direction of travel
The arrangement of furniture in a room determines not only its purpose, but also the direction of movement of people. If you ever tried to squeeze to a sofa in a cluttered living room, you do not need to explain how important it is to maintain a sufficient amount of physical and visual air in the room.

To do this, it is enough to follow a few basic rules:
Minimize the number of passes; two will be enough.
Movement should be directed around the seats, and not through them.
There should be enough space between the seat and the table in order to stand up.
Furniture should retreat from the walls by approximately 7.5 centimeters.
Seating needs to be grouped, it stimulates communication.
A large room is divided into several zones.
To check if there is enough air in the room, try running through it.
It should be easy and convenient for you to move in space
Visual weight balance
At first glance, the concept of visual weight seems very complicated, but in fact you instinctively understand what it means. Imagine that everyone has moved to one corner of the room. Feeling like a sinking Titanic, right? This is visual weight.

The visual weight in the room must be balanced. If you have several large and heavy pieces of furniture, try to arrange them so that one part of the room does not outweigh the other.

Group large and small objects to shift visual accents. When it seems to you that everything is arranged well, step back and try to evaluate the whole picture - is not one part of the room outweighing? If necessary, make changes.

Even distribution of visual weight is achieved by balancing large and small objects
Way to express yourself
And finally, the furniture expresses your unique style. The simplicity of the Scandinavian interior is prettier to one, while others prefer the comfortable coziness of eclecticism, but the choice of furniture - the number of seats for guests, the dominance of comfort or style, brand loyalty - will tell a lot about you as a person.

To find your style, take a look at the work of professional designers, visit special sites and exhibitions. But do not try to blindly copy your favorite things, trust your own feelings.

Find a way to express yourself
Many will agree that furniture plays an important role in the interior. We believe that it can improve the design or destroy it. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments.

Ovo je automatski prijevod.
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