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Good furniture is expensive!

Walking through furniture stores, salons, we see price tags, simultaneously comparing them with the size of our salary. After conducting simple mathematical calculations, we come to the conclusion that certain furniture is beyond our means. After seeing what there is enough money for, there are only not the most attractive options. So why is high-quality furniture so expensive and is it worth such a lot of money?

For little money you can find furniture, but its quality will be very lame. And no wonder, because what can you expect from a chair, a closet, a table for 3 copecks? In production, not the highest quality materials are used there, the build quality itself also leaves much to be desired.

As a result, although you get furniture at an attractive price, you will have to repair or completely throw it away after a couple of years of use. For furniture products, this is not serious - a good thing should last more than 10 years!

If we are talking about luxury, expensive furniture, then the situation is different. We will not consider rare antiques for tens of thousands of dollars, but consider the things that a person with a well-to-do income above the average can afford.

Yes, such a thing is expensive, and some people may feel dizzy from the price tag. But what do you get for that price?

First, you purchase furniture made from high quality materials. Instead of sawdust and glue, you get a thing made of natural wood. It seems that it is not worth comparing the life of these two options. Moreover, it is not necessary to use some rare wood species - oak, ash, cherry and other green friends familiar to us may well become a good basic for a durable thing.

The assembly also deserves special attention. Elite furniture is assembled by craftsmen manually. Every detail is brought to the ideal. Yes, the craftsmen use certain professional equipment, but most of the work falls on their golden hands. Elite products are allowed only to people with extensive experience, so that customers receive things of the highest quality.

Individual order
The price also becomes higher if you buy custom-made furniture. Yes, a store item would be cheaper, but it does not even stand on a par with a custom one.

If you order an interior item, then you get an exclusive item made in a single copy. In its manufacture, all your needs are taken into account. Such furniture will ideally fit into your interior both in size and design. High quality, of course, is included.

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