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Why should solid wood furniture be wiped with a mixture of gasoline and mothballs?

Furniture made from natural solid wood will always remain relevant: products made from this material look respectable and have a long service life without losing their original qualities.

You need to understand that this is a product belonging to the elite category, so it is hardly worth counting on its low cost.

Features of solid wood furniture
Natural wood has a large number of useful characteristics, in addition to creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness in the room. These include:

· Environmental safety - the material contains no synthetic substances, but the air is saturated with natural oils contained in the tree of valuable species that can destroy pathogenic bacteria;

· Impeccable appearance - such furniture harmoniously fits into any interior;

· High strength - the tree is resistant to mechanical damage, therefore a thing of high quality purchased once can serve more than one generation, while its price can even increase.

However, one should not forget about a number of features that should be known to any person who has come up with the idea of buying solid wood furniture. First of all, you should immediately decide on the place where the product will be placed so that subsequently there is no need to move it: the fact is that the weight of wooden furniture is very significant (especially for items such as, for example, oak furniture). For shelves, it is better to choose less heavy species, which include pine, spruce, etc.

This natural material does not like sudden changes in temperature, and it is advisable to place furniture in rooms where moderate humidity is maintained for most of the time.

If a heating device is located next to wooden furniture, this will also adversely affect its properties.

Interior suitable for furniture made of natural material
As already noted above, wooden furniture is suitable for any interior, however, there are styles in which it fits not only well, but perfectly:

· Classic - a style often preferred by people who have reached a certain level of affluence. In such a living room, cabinet furniture made of wood trimmed with veneer of especially valuable species will look good;

· For baroque, a white set with gilding and an abundance of decorative elements is suitable;

· In the room that you want to furnish in a country style, you can choose concise, but at the same time functional furniture (its surface can be artificially aged);

· For a room decorated in eco-style, you can recommend a light-colored set with exquisite facades;

· Loft style involves the presence of furniture in natural colors with a minimum number of design elements.

Recommendations for the selection and care of furniture
The living room, furnished with natural wood furniture, will cost its owner dearly, so in order not to regret the purchase, you should think over the style of the room in advance.

When choosing, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

· Furniture should not merge in terms of color with the walls;

· The size of the headset should correspond to the area of the room where it is located - excessive clutter is unacceptable;

· All opening mechanisms must be in good condition, the presence of chips and scratches on the surface of furniture is unacceptable.

In most cases, solid wood furniture does not require laborious care, but this does not mean that you can do nothing at all. The main rules for care include:

· Regular rubbing of the surface of objects from dust with a cloth dampened in water, after which wiping with a dry cloth is required. It is necessary to control that moisture does not get into the joints, otherwise otherwise it can lead to swelling of the wood;

· To give the products shine, you need to use a special polish;

· If scratches appear as a result of careless operation, they can be masked with iodine (if the material of manufacture is walnut or oak) or with beeswax;

· Fingerprints are removed with talcum powder;

· Excessive load on the shelves is not allowed;

· In order to avoid institution in the insect tree, furniture should be periodically wiped with a mixture of gasoline with naphthalene.

Compliance with these simple rules ensures the preservation of the original appearance of furniture for a long period of time.

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