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SportClass Start.

“What is the most enduring parasite? Bacterium? Virus? Intestinal worm? Idea. It is tenacious and highly contagious. It is an idea to take possession of the brain, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. I mean the formed idea, fully realized, settled in the head. "

Quote from the movie "START".

Friends, please provide the following picture:

A small, cozy city in the mountains (in the taiga, in the forest, in the hills, in the field, in the desert, in the desert, among the hills, in the tundra, on the lake, on the river, on the sea ...). Everything in the city is unique, starting from vehicles and ending with “smart houses”. The entire infrastructure is based on state-of-the-art energy and environmental saving technologies. The city is completely autonomous: electricity, electricity, heat, water, water and air purification, waste disposal - all systems do not depend on external sources. Fresh, natural foods are delivered from nearby farms. The city has many private craft workshops and small-scale production. The houses are separate, with large personal plots, which also grow crops and keep domestic animals. In the center of the city is a large integrated complex consisting of: a large children's center; hospitals; supermarket; wellness and entertainment center. Inside the city there are no cars and equipment, except electric vehicles and combined electric bicycles.


Now imagine that the whole country is inhabited by such small towns, united by a network of free string roads. Around each town are located hundreds of farms, dozens of large and small industries. In the cities introduced self-government. Every two years - re-election of self-government. Farms and production are provided to those who wish to engage in this business on a voluntary basis, as a free deductible, with the subsequent attachment of ownership upon the expiration of a certain period. Products are accepted according to plan, with guaranteed full payment, and delivered to distribution centers. From distribution centers, products are either delivered to the supermarket or directly to the order address. There are no middlemen, no added value, no additional taxes or expenses. As a result, the price of products and essential goods is almost equal to the cost.

This is only part of the plan that the SportClass project provides. And this plan can be implemented if a global "restructuring" of the consciousness of people entrusted with the administration of the country occurs. And such people should appear, thanks to the implementation of the project.

And now let's look at the project itself, in terms of the possibility of its implementation.

Stage one.

Creation of a professional studio of animated films for the production of short and full-length animated films with stories about the most legendary and famous athletes of the country. Target audience - children from 5 to 12 years. The purpose of the first stage is the creation of an ideological basis for the subsequent stages of the project development, as well as marketing training for their implementation, the creation of a full-fledged brand.

Stage Two.

Implementation of commercial subprojects to obtain funding for the next stage of the project through the use of brand popularity: sale of related products with brand symbols; the organization of the "Collectors Club"; profit from rental animated films.

Stage Three.

Creating a scientific and technical base and design office for the subsequent implementation of the production stage of the project.

Stage Four.

Creating production lines for: construction; farm; development of children's sports; transport and transport communications.

Stage Five.

Construction of children's centers for the provision of free sports.

Description of the Children's Center "SportClass".

The main focus of the center is sport. Additional areas: scientific and technical circles; music, choreography and art; crafts and handicrafts; programming and computer equipment. Also, the center has the opportunity to receive general and additional education in specially equipped classes on technology of out-of-school education. Registration in the center, testing, determination in the profile direction, playing sports, receiving sets of sports and brand casual clothing, food, medical care and education are free for all children from 3 to 18 years old. For children of orphans, children who wish to stay in the center constantly, all the conditions for living are provided.

The number of centers and their capacity are regulated by the number of children living in the area.

The goal of the SportClass children's centers is to create a new generation of physically and mentally healthy, creatively gifted, responsible and capable individuals.

Stage Six. Implementation of the project for the development of farms on typical franchising projects for all types of agricultural activities.

Stage Seven. Creation of transport infrastructure based on Skyway string technologies.

Stage Eight. Creation and settlement of cities in a unified system of the project "Sport Class".

If you like the ideas and the goal of the Sportclass project, join us!

The law of conversion of quantity into quality has long been known. Therefore, now, at the stage of the very, very, very beginning, the number of people capable of materializing the idea into a valuable and sought-after product is very important.

Step one - join the community https://vk.com/club121521217

Step two - maximum repost vk.com/@-121521217-sportklass-nachalo

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